05 November 2006

12 Years, First Beer (In A While), Really Old Scotch, And Ok Go

What a great anniversary weekend. Except for the Steelers losing again. Too many mistakes. Ugh. Whatever.

My original plan was to take the missus and the pup out to a place on the coast and spend the weekend. Then I found out that Ok Go was playing at the Hawthorne Theatre, and I thought that sounded like loads of fun and B agreed, so that's what we did.

I decided to see if our great pals Ryan & Kelly wanted to join us, and they did, so I got tickets for the four of us the week before last and off we went Saturday night.

We hit the
Bridgeport Ale House first, and that turned out to be a hit. Great food, if a somewhat limited menu, and the beer we had was excellent. Ryan and I had the Stout, which was very good. It was a good way to get back into the beer again. I'm not giving up on the health kick I'm on by any stretch, but I had reason to celebrate and a few beers one weekend isn't going to kill me. For dinner, I had their hanger steak, and B had this really tasty pork pasta. For dessert, I planned to share some chocolate cake, but nobody else really wanted any. I'm gonna have to work that off next week...

After dinner, we walked over to the theatre, went in, and checked out the opening act. I forget their name, but it was just this kind of angry loud poor-vocals kind of stuff, so we hit the bar for a while. That turned out to be a brilliant plan, as we were able to converse and have a little fun before we went in to see Ok Go.

The bar was serving beer from Off The Rail in Forest Grove. Ryan and I had stouts again, but they really tasted more like some kind of strong ale than a stout. Good beer, but it didn't quite have the taste and mouthfeel of a stout. Kelly had their red, which Ryan and I sipped a bit of and it was pretty good stuff.

Anyway, showtime rolled around and we went back into the main hall in time to see Ok Go come out, and they were great. Superb rapport with the crowd, good sound, and cool visuals on the wall behind them. Sometimes the visuals were just cool images and/or clips, other times, they had these weird camera angles of the band as they were playing.

Ok Go sounded pretty good, even for not having done a full-on sound check (they sort of did one after the first couple tunes), and they even came out into the back of the crowd - right near us - to do a couple acoustic tunes on this round riser. It was weird at first, these guys in orange jumpsuits made us move, and then they blocked our view for a while setting the thing up. We were puzzled as to what the heck was going on, until somebody put up a microphone stand on the riser.

After the couple acoustic tunes, they went back on the main stage and finished the show, at one point telling the crowd to use their cell phones like you would use lighters, and people were swaying them around to the music. They even performed a cover of Electric Light Orchestra's "Don't Bring Me Down" for all us old-ish folks. Hilarious.

Today was our 12th wedding anniversary, and we slept in and snuggled and then did some house work before heading off to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse for the most expensive dinner I've ever had. I started off with a 25-year-old MacAllan and B had a Lemon Drop. After splitting some French Onion Soup, we both had steaks and potatoes and broccoli, all of which were simply incredible. We finished off with the Triple Chocolate Molten cake (awesome), and chatted for a bit. The service was outstanding, and we were treated to our dessert because it was our anniversary. They even had little hearts sprinkled on the tablecloth. Every person on the staff that we interacted with wished us a happy anniversary. Nice to be treated so well.

We were thinking about where to go after dinner for drinks...until we saw the bill. After much chuckling, we paid it, tipped the waitress, and left - still laughing about how much we'd spent and how silly it seemed to want to go out and spend more money on drinks afterward.

Anyway, it was a great dinner and a wonderful capper to the weekend. Tomorrow's a day off for both of us, and then back to work (and the workouts) on Tuesday.

I might have to do some circuit training or something in the house tomorrow. I ate waaaay too much today.


Kelly said...

Congratulations you two! You only have an anniversary once a year, so it's justified to splurge a bit. :) Sounds like Ruth's Chris is a great spot to spend an anniversary dinner. With such exceptional service and free dessert, how can you top that.

We had a simply fabulous time with you guys on Sat.

Mike - Don't feel guilty about the extra calories, enjoy each and every sip and morsel and then just remember that you will totally work it off, so enjoy! :) Life's too damn short. That's my motto anyway. ;)

Ghost Dog said...

Thanks, K! Actually, I think the whole not-working-out-for-four-whole-days thing was what made me feel a little guilty. A good workout this morning wiped that away, and I didn't magically gain all the weight back. :)