09 October 2006

Well, I *Was* Having A Good Weekend

Saturday was pretty much spent taking care of things around the house. We took a bunch of stuff to the dump, did some laundry, started sanding the front porch, got the lawn mowed. Got a little way into the front porch project and noticed several rotting boards, so shut that project down until next weekend, when I'll go get some wood to replace the rotten stuff with. Then finish the sanding and seal it. No worries, but I wanted that done sooner...oh well.

Sunday was spent at the OEC Refresher with the Ski Patrol. Saw fellow local bloggers Barkernews and NoPoGirl, as well as fellow blogger and Steelers fan Patrick, in addition to several other Spring '06 OEC classmates, so I traded my gold schedule in for pink to get in their group. The refresher went fine, knocked the rust off my assessment skills, learned a few new little tips and tricks from other patrollers, and got a chance to re-stock some stuff in my aid pack.

Also, met a patroller visiting from my old 'home' mountain of Smugglers' Notch! What a coincidence. She was blown away by how many of us at the refresher had Vermont connections - there are at least 3 other native Vermonters besides me, and one guy who patrolled at Smugglers' a few years before I started racing there. Small world.

Anyway, the refresher wrapped up without me feeling too stupid or forgetful. I had to skip the after-class trip to the pub as I was late to my friend Tom's place for the Steelers game and some Texas Hold 'em.

Then, I did something that ended up starting the weekend heading downhill.

I checked my cell messages, and found one from the missus. She told me to call my doctor, who had called earlier in the day. Uh oh, I thought, The blood work from the physical earlier in the week must not be all wine and roses...

Turns out I was right. Cholesterol was higher than he'd like (I'm at 141, Doc wants 130), and my "liver numbers" were cause for concern (again, this happened a couple years ago, and had improved with diet and exercise, which I allowed to get derailed when I hurt my ankle). Translation: so much for enjoying all the great fall/winter seasonal brews, and start eating smarter/healthier. The eating smarter/healthier thing I can deal with no problem. The no beer thing? Well...shit. That'll be a challenge. A suck-ass challenge.

To top it all off, my Steelers lost to the Bolts last night as well. And I was getting lousy cards during the poker game, which I shouldn't have bothered playing as I was paying more attention to the Steelers on Tom's big-ass HD TV. Distracted poker is losing poker.

Today, I was still feeling a little mopey about my apparent health ("Apparent" because I feel fine, and I know the working out is helping - seeing a little more muscle developing, and I've lost a couple pounds), especially since I had to skip today's morning workout to go have an abdominal ultrasound. I'd noticed this lump in my left upper quadrant, just below the ribs, some weeks ago, but didn't think much of it since there was no pain. I brought it up at my physical, and the doc ordered the ultrasound. That's a little unsettling, but better safe than sorry, I thought. Turns out I have a lipoma - AKA a benign subcutaneous fatty tumor. Fortunately, it's nothing to worry about, at least for now. Unless it gets painful or starts restricting movement, it stays. *shrug* Could be worse. Glad it's not cancerous.

Enough whining about me.

Tonight, I got to see the invert group of my OEC class get their Ski Patrol crosses. I have to say I'm taking a small measure of pride (I'd like to think that my input from the patient perspective was of some help to them during FRT :) ) as well as encouragement (your apprentice year does end), on top of my growing impatience to get out there and get the sled training done so I can get my cross, too. Let it effin' SNOW!


Barkernews said...

Geez dude.
Sorry 'bout that.
I didn't read your post before we saw you Monday night. Had to bolt early and get back to work.
Hope everything's OK!
And thanks for all your help through our apprentice year.

Ghost Dog said...

I posted this after the meeting. I figured you got called away for work stuff when you disappeared so rapidly.

I feel fine, so I can't imagine any of the things "wrong" with me are terribly serious, but better safe than sorry, and there's the whole 'ounce of prevention' thing.

"All my help"? Heh, you're making it sound like a really big deal. I'll be thanking you Inverts when I get finished. I learned a lot just hanging around you guys and listening.