29 October 2006

Well, At Least People Liked My Costume

Whoever went to Oakland dressed as the Pittsburgh Steelers did a poor job imitating them.

Well, perhaps that's debatable.

Today's Steelers loss to the Raiders pretty much put my good mood from Saturday's fun right in the toilet. The guys couldn't get it done against the laughingstock of the entire NFL, and were making stupid mistakes left, right, and center. I hope they can turn it around, but with the injuries and apparent lack of fire from key leaders (like the coach), it's going to take a lot for that to happen. I'm not giving up on them - not a chance - but I'm certainly disappointed. I'm hoping this week's debacle will light a few fires under some asses in that locker room.

The effin' Raiders. Jiminy effin' Christmas. Why the Steelers started Ben instead of Charlie is beyond me. Batch may not be Peyton Manning or Tom Brady, but he can play and has done a damn fine job this season backing up Roethlisberger. They should have let Ben sit this week.

Argh. And Arsenal played to a 1-1 draw against Everton, so nothing joyous on the sporting front.

Alright, enough griping.

Saturday, the missus and I took a little road trip to Estacada to grab a growler of Wee Heavy Scotch Ale from Fearless Brewing for our pal Ryan's birthday party, which doubled as a Halloween party. We also hit Karlsson Brewing in Sandy to grab another growler, this one of what they called the Red-headed Scotsman - a mix of their Bitch'n Berry and their Sock Knocker Scottish Ale.

None for me, thanks - I'm still on my hiatus. Blood test will be this week.

We dressed up, of course, me as Space Ghost (see below) and the missus as a sort of Oktoberfest beer girl. Ryan's other half Kelly outdid herself once again, putting on a great party with great treats. Other folks brought yummy stuff as well, and there was a ton of beer.

There were some great costumes, Ryan's included (the Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail), and fun conversations with wonderful friends and acquaintances. I stuck to grapes and cider for the most part, taking only a few small sips of beer here and there. Here's a shot of me in my costume, and then a shot of Snooks in full-on zombie mode - complete with the fake arm from Ryan's costume:

Where are Zorak and Moltar? How'm I supposed to do my show??

Arrrrmsss...I mean, Brainnnnssss...

Snooks' other half was similarly done up. They really looked disgusting, er, great...I mean, they certainly achieved a really cool zombie look. Maybe I should have come as Shaun. I could have kept the goatee at least, and it would have been a great excuse to get a cricket bat...

Sadly, we didn't manage to get a shot of Ryan in his full getup, but it looked really cool. Hopefully he'll post one. "None shall pass!"


Snooks said...

I'm most proud of the fact that I didn't get any of my ooze on anyone - particularly you and your manly white pecs (and Kelly's furniture).

brando said...

Space Ghost and Zombies are always a good match.

Ghost Dog said...

I was impressed. You guys certainly looked gooey enough to be dripping everywhere.

brando said...

That Oakland game was really, really bad. Im sorry. I think the steelers may just have to focus on next year.

Ryan said...

You and snooks took the cake (cupcakes?)... 'course so did Ean in his pimp getup, and my friend Sean with his Darth Vader costume. I plan on blogging about it, soon.

Yesterday was a day FULL of sleeping off the hangover, followed by laying 'round on the sofa watching TV... trying to get rid of the rest of the hangover. :)

Ghost Dog said...

Ean's pimp getup was fly. That gigantic fake jewel on the top of his pimpstick cracked me up. All he needed was a gaudy cup of crunk juice like Lil' John. Fo' shizzle!