17 October 2006

Toasters Coming Back To Portland

No, not the BSG kind. The ska band kind.

November 13th, Rock 'n' Roll Pizza, 8pm, with the Phenomenauts. I believe it's an all-ages show.

Anyone ever been there?


Snooks said...

I'm not familiar with the venue, but I know the neighborhood it's in sucks (even worse than the one I live in).

But pizza is pizza and beer is beer...and the two should often meet. Too bad you're a healthy hippy now.

Ghost Dog said...

Yeah, saw where it's located.

I figure I should be allowed pizza and beer if I go to that show, since I'll dance it all off anyway. Ska burns calories and is cholesterol-free!

brando said...

Im glad I clicked on the BSG link.

rebecca said...

It's actually a pretty cool venue, even though it's in a skeezy neighborhood. Also, I haven't seen the Toasters, but the Phenomenauts are amazing, especially their live shows.

Ghost Dog said...

Thanks! I'm excited. The Toasters are my all-time favorite, and I haven't seen them in probably 5 years or so. I've seen them 3 or 4 times here in PDX, and they do a great show.