02 October 2006

Step To The Wu

Okay, so I didn't see Ghostface Killah, the RZA, or Method Man on the MAX on the way home tonight. But it was all I could do not to make a Wu Tang Clan reference when Congressman David Wu walked thru my train shaking hands and chatting with people. His "Wu Crew" had walked thru the train earlier handing out flyers, but I ignored them. I like being left alone on my commute, unless you're a Steelers/Pirates/Arsenal fan, or someone I know, or just damned cool.

The congressman walked right up in front of me, and I made the mistake of looking up. Crap, I thought. I gotta pull my earbuds out and listen to this guy. So I did. He extended his hand, introduced himself, we shook hands, "How do you do?" "I'm fine, sir, and you?" "Fine, thanks." he hands me a flyer (damn, thought I got away without getting one) and he's off.

I'm thinking, Hm. Brief. Good, wasn't in the mood for fakey politician get-to-know-the-voters BS anyway. Look, buddy - good luck on your campaign and everything, but I'm trying to brush up for my OEC refresher here. 'Kay?

Okay, well, he did keep it to a polite minimum. Not a bad guy, I guess. Probably ought to read up on what he's about.

NOTE: This is not an endorsement.