13 October 2006

Rooibos Tea Kicks Ass

Caffiene-free, red, tasty, and good for you, too. I'm sipping now on some Rooibos Earl Grey from Adagio Teas, and was putting away cup after cup of Adagio's Rooibos Caramel tea yesterday, fighting off the cold or whatever it is.

It's a pretty-looking tea, too - a beautiful mahogany red color. But the look of the loose "leaves" have prompted some co-workers to call it "pencil-shavings tea".

Call it what you want, but I call it one awesome hot beverage. Here's some more info on the health benefits of the stuff. CAUTION: lots of medical mumbo-jumbo.


Anonymous said...

Although Roobios may "Kick Ass" they are not real tea. I do like them too however and the anti-oxidents rock. I prefer RedSquare http://www.redquaretea.com Ceylon Princess. It rocks!

Ghost Dog said...

Not real tea? What would you call it, then?

One definition of "tea": any of various infusions prepared from the leaves, flowers, etc., of other plants, and used as beverages or medicines.

Close enough for me.

red said...

I've never heard of the stuff... where did find it? SOunds good, especially the Caramel kind.

Ghost Dog said...

Red: I got mine online from Adagio Teas, but I imagine any decent tea place locally has the stuff. Or you could drop by my cube sometime. I have Caramel, Earl Grey, and Cocomint (and other non-rooibos teas) in my flipper.