30 October 2006

Pitfalls Of Public Transportation, Part X

Okay, this one is driving me a little nuts. The train I get on in the morning at oh-hella-early is supposed to arrive at my destination at 6:15. Our work-to-MAX shuttle is scheduled such that there is a shuttle run aligned with that arrival time, and it's departure is delayed by a couple minutes to allow for slightly late trains. Usually, this system works pretty well and I get my workout started by 6:30, giving me an hour and a half workout.

However, for the last few weeks, I've had to cut short some of my morning workouts because the train arrived late and I had to wait around for a later shuttle run. The train has been arriving anywhere from 5-15 minutes late often enough that one would consider there is some chronic or systemic issue here.

Today, the waiting around sucked ass because it was 35 effin' degrees and I wasn't dressed quite for that. I did have sweats and a fleece on over my workout clothes, but no heavy-ish jacket or hat.

So, I have complained to TriMet. We'll see what good that does. The text of my whining:

The westbound weekday MAX Blue Line train that departs Rockwood/188th at 4:59am and is supposed to arrive at the Fair Complex/Hillsboro Airport stop at 6:15am has been arriving anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes late on and off for several weeks. I have to catch a shuttle to my work, and that shuttle's schedule is aligned with the MAX schedule to minimize wait times.

While I can understand there are circumstances that will cause a late train, this shouldn't be happening with such noticeable frequency.

I know, I know. Call the Waaaahmbulance. I should just drive, right? Feh. You wanna buy my gas? Oh, I should move closer to work, right? Or work out somewhere else? Right. I'll get right on that.


brando said...

When I was on vatation in Tokyo, the trains seemed to run on time to the second. I guess folks would have their connection times figured out with 30 second layovers. I thought it was pretty slick.

I guess that really doesnt help you, though.

Ghost Dog said...

I was stationed in Germany '93-'96 and you could just about set your watch to the trains. *sigh*

Ryan said...

GD: I agree, though as a regular bus rider, the Tri-Met bus system is even less reliable than the MAX is. I work 3 blocks away from the stop that takes me homeward, and I (foolishly) look at the Tri-Met's "transit tracker" website before I leave every day. The site will say 15 minutes before the next bus, 28 minutes later it arrives. It works, but it's annoying.

Since it's late, it's packed. If only they ran every 10 minutes rather than every 25... and of course, it'd help if they arrived on time.