21 October 2006

No Gravitational Anomaly...Just One Bad Scale

Turns out we have another scale on campus, in the cafeteria. I'd forgotten about it. I'm more inclined to believe that scale, as it indicates I've lost about 4 pounds in the last 2 weeks, not 11. The scale in the fitness center must be messed up. So, I'm down from 189 to 185.

Hooray. No more mystery.

Friday night, Rebecca and I hung out with some pals (Ryan, his bro & bro's wife, and Krash & his wife) at the Rogue pub over on Flanders, and I was a (sort of) good boy - no burger (had a salad), and only a few sips of beer from a few of the various taster glasses being passed around the table. I had a great time even though I couldn't put away a few pints of the Hazenlut Brown Nectar. But I was pleased that the others who tried it liked it.

Tomorrow is 2 weeks on the diet, and heading into week 6 of the workouts. I'm making some progress in most areas, so that's encouraging me to keep after it and even work a little harder. Going to try to put in 4 days a week starting next week. I'm thinking Monday's workouts will be all cardio - longer duration, or maybe do some on the elliptical and some on the stair-stepper. We'll see.


Ryan said...

I respect your willpower to no end. There's no way I'd have been able to be there and NOT have the Kobe beef burger (and beers). No way. Even if I KNEW that I'd later be diagnosed with some life-threatening disease as a result of having eaten it. You are a mighty being among us puny humans. :)

Ryan said...

PS, sucks about the scales, but that sounds a bit more rational... my brain can't compute that a lack of drinking beers would amount to THAT much of a weight loss.

Ghost Dog said...

Heh...the true test will be at your party. It'll be a real challenge not to drink whatever awesome brew I bring you a growler of... :)