16 October 2006

Kind Of A Lame Weekend

Well, I've made it an entire week with no beer and eating healthier. Only made it to the gym once last week, however, due to appointments, illness, and injury. I'm still feeling some of the illness (scratchy throat now, but at least no congestion), and the pain in my neck/upper back lingers but is going away for the most part.

This weekend was supposed to be where I went and got the wood I needed to replace the pieces on the front porch that are rotten and weak. I managed to go price the stuff, but that was as far as I got. Saturday, the wife was off at a bridal show with her sisters and mom, so theoretically, I had all morning to work on the porch.

Instead, I slept in and slacked off. Goofed around on the computer for a while, played with the dog a little, and generally did nothing productive. Downloaded an audiobook from iTunes, then spent an hour trying to figure out why in the hell it wouldn't show up under the Audiobooks section and thus not sync to my iPod. I ended up just creating a playlist and shoving the audiobook tracks in there, hoping they're in the correct order. Apparently, I'm too stupid to use the simple Apple software.

Sunday, we got some much-needed grocery shopping done, so I can continue eating healthier. Whole wheat pastas, loads of vegetables, and pretty much anything that looked good that had little or no cholesterol or fat.

The doc called to chat about Monday's abdominal ultrasound, and was pleased to hear I'd been off the sauce for the week. The ultrasound revealed something else I fully expected - a fatty liver. Yeah, I'm overweight. Not noticeably so - at least clothed - but I should be somewhere around 150-155, and I weighed in at 189 for my physical the week before last. So the diet and exercise should do the trick there - as long as I can keep it up (should be able to go tomorrow if the pain is at a tolerable level - and I think it will be).

Anyway, the rest of Sunday was spent washing clothes, doing more housework, and watching both my sports teams get victories. The Steelers kicked the crap out of Kansas City, 45-7, snapping their 3-game skid and getting the offense some confidence. After watching that, I checked out the TiVo and watched the recording of Arsenal's 3-nil win over Watford in the Premiership. Quite a bit of nifty passing from the Gunners in that one, but a lot of wasted chances. If they'd have finished half the other chances they started, it would have been more like 7-0.

Next weekend, I want to do something. Would have done the front porch Sunday, but the weather was crap. Hopefully, that'll be different this coming weekend. Maybe I can convince the missus to go get our bikes dirty or something.


Jeff Alworth said...

Well, I've made it an entire week with no beer and eating healthier.

Hey man, ain'tcha heard the news, beer IS healthy. Scientifically proven. You don't doubt science, do you?

Jeff Alworth said...

I think you need to get to Singapore--goji berry ale, man. Health and beer in one easy-drinking package.


NoPoGirl said...

I agree with Barkernews. Getting in shape is a bitch, but it is so worth it in the long run. Did you know it takes 20 days to form a habit? So...twenty days of working out and eating right = a habit.

Good luck!

Ghost Dog said...

Jeff: Yeah, but the doc says stay away from the alcohol, so I'm gonna do it. At least until I've lost the weight and/or my next blood test. I think it'll be more acceptable to have beer again once I'm in better shape.

NoPoGirl: Thanks. It's making a difference, I can feel it. Today I worked the arms pretty hard. Tomorrow will be the core, and Thursday the legs. Friday will be probably some circuit-training type stuff or all cardio.