21 October 2006

Holy Effin' Crap: iTunes Edition

So, I've been surfing all over the iTunes music store this evening, as I have been doing from time to time on a regular basis since winning my cool black iPod. Not so unusual or shocking, right?

I have $92.07 worth of songs in my shopping cart.

I let 'em pile up a little too much, huh?



Ryan said...

Kinda goes to show that despite the RIAA's attitude (that all people are evil horrible pirates bent on destroying the music industry), given a chance, people will (and do) use a relatively fair and cheap system for purchasing music rather than just downloading via p2p. That, and iTunes Music Store is like crack for music lovers. :)

Mister Jinxy said...


You have on, too, huh?

It took me all night to upload mine. I've finally got it working.

Any good sites you know of to download videos?

Ghost Dog said...

R: True dat.

J: Haven't downloaded many videos. I have a handful of video podcasts, but little else in terms of video content. Everything I did get I got from the iTunes store.

Also, as far as videos go, I think if I can get it onto my PSP, I'd rather watch it there, since the screen is bigger.

Jeff Alworth said...

There's a fair amount of talk about the cheapness of songs on iTunes, but it doesn't take very long before you're spending serious dough. It's like digital crack, with a funky beat. I've been loading up on a bunch of singles I never had because it wasn't worth buying a CD with nine other songs I'll never listen to. And damn, there's a LOT of 'em.