26 October 2006

He's Like Buddy Lee

He went head-to-windshield against a Chrysler and it didn't stop him. Emergency appendectomy? Only missed one game.

Now, Ben Roethlisberger is likely to play just a week after the concussion he sustained in the Atlanta game. They say he looks comfortable in practice. He's passing the post-concussion tests. The titanium plates in his jaw are holding up just fine.

Is Big Ben unbreakable? Like Buddy Lee, ya "can't bust 'em"? I guess we'll see on Sunday. My gosh, I hope this is the last of it for him. Maybe bad things really do come in 3s and he's done with all this mess.

I love watching him play, but I wonder if they're rushing him back. Charlie Batch could beat the Raiders. If Santonio Holmes doesn't fumble any punts.