11 October 2006

Healthy Living Is Making Me Sick

Today is only Day 3 of my no-alcohol-low-cholesterol-keep-up-the-exercise program, and I am coming down with something. So far, just a stuffy left nostril and a slightly scratchy throat. It's probably a coincidence, but I'm going to attribute it to a lack of beer. Damn it all.

And the empty bottles of Wolaver's Organic Brown Ale only mock my condition. Standing there on the kitchen counter. Poured out by the missus in the name of my health. Laughing at the cruel hand I've been dealt. Damn it all.

Got to go. My salad and water await. As does some Zicam. And a heat pack for my upper back and neck, hopefully to ease the pain from over-doing it in the gym on Tuesday. A month in. Damn it all.


Ryan said...

Good god man, you mean you LET her pour beer down the drain? I think you need an ass-whoopin'. Just because you can't drink 'em now doesn't mean you won't be able to at some point (a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat). :)

And though I am not a doctor, I concur with your diagnosis, your condition is caused by a lack of beer consumption. Drink two and call me in the morning.

Ghost Dog said...

I tried to stop her, but she guilted me into it. I tried to reason with her that they'd be fine in 3-4 weeks, or that I could give 'em away, but no dice.

At least I got to have a few sips of the Wolaver's Oatmeal Stout that was mixed in with the Browns.

Ryan said...

Well that just sucks, sucks and sucks.

brando said...

Beer down the drain?! That's alcohol abuse.

I've heard that berry flavored beer is a cure for a cold. It's not blasphemy because it's not being consumed on account of its "beerness", but strictly for medicinal purposes.

Barkernews said...

I love beer and I hate to sound like a loser here... but:

You need to be in great shape for your apprentice year. Stay off the beer, kick up the cardio, and you'll be REALLY glad you did when you start dragging sleds around the hill.

Maybe this is fate sending you a message!

Ghost Dog said...

Well, after what was probably a gallon of rooibos tea and some cold meds, I'm feeling tons better.

B-news: Sage advice from someone who's been there. Thanks, man. I'm working on the cardio as well as trying to build some strength in the areas I felt it when I dragged JG down in a sled over at bowl a while back.