10 October 2006

From The WTF Files: Grandma's Cookies

So, I'm checking out the nutrition information on my package of Grandma's Cookies from the vending machine here at CompuHyperGlobalMegaNet. I have to pay attention to this stuff now. You may know the cookies, nice package of 2 soft, tasty cookies. I've got the Oatmeal Raisin variety, my usual mid-afternoon snack.

Serving size 1 cookie, 2 servings per package. Okay, so I'd expect the nutritional info for both cookies to be twice that of just one, wouldn't you?

Not so fast.

Calories - one cookie: 160, both cookies: 330.
Total Fat - one cookie: 6g, both cookies: 11.
Cholesterol - one cookie: 10mg, both cookies: 25.
Sodium - one cookie: 220mg, both cookies: 430.

Weird. Total carbs is 27 for one and 54 for both, but...
Dietary fiber - one cookie: 1g, both cookies: 3g
Sugars - one cookie: 8g, both cookies: 15g

It doesn't stop there.

Protein: 2g for one, 3g for both. And the Calcium and Iron are goofy, too (6%/10% and 8%/15%).
I suppose rounding things up or down could account for some of these discrepancies, but not all of them. WTF is up with that?

Yeah, I threw away the second cookie. I don't need the other 160...er...170...whatever calories. Next time, I'm going to take the stairs down to the cafeteria and get a package of carrots instead.


Ryan said...

Yeah, cookies in any form are pretty bad (high calorie). Things like carrots (and string cheese) are a good low-calorie snack. My weakness is chips, specifically tortilla chips. GOD I love chips and salsa (or bean dip, like that stuff Miranda brought to David's - the Trader Joe's Spicy Black Bean Dip). I try really hard to save my caloric intake for beer. :)

Ghost Dog said...

Sun Chips are my favorite, and they have no Cholesterol at all. And they're low in fat. I love carrots and string cheese, so lucky me.

Ryan said...

True, Sun Chips aren't too bad, but they're still a bit high calorie (as are all chips) ... so if calorie counting is important, they kinda suck a little.

Ghost Dog said...

I'm not terribly worried about the calories. I'm burning 500+ just on the elliptical or stair machine alone - which is only a portion of my workout - and I am eating a little less than usual.