03 October 2006

FredEx Home Delivery: One NL Batting Title

So another losing season for my Battlin' Buccos wrapped up over the weekend. There hasn't been much to cheer about for the Pirates this season, with the exception of an improved second-half of the season (hey, they finished with a winning record at home!), and some individual brilliance.

Freddy Sanchez had a great year, defensively (how 'bout that All-Star Game?) as well as at the plate, and he managed to hold onto a .344 batting average to take home the National League batting title. They call him "FredEx", because he always delivers. Congratulations, Freddy!

Hopefully, the starting pitching can improve, and the Pirates can get some more consistent hitting from the rest of the guys. I'm encouraged by the finish to the season, but it's a long way from here to Spring Training and the 2007 season...