13 October 2006

F-Around Friday: Do You Feel Lucky Edition

I'm not one who's afraid of much, in terms of superstitions. My favorite number is actually 13, so there's not much about the whole 'Friday the 13th' thing that worries me. In fact, I wanted to come in to work today just because it was the 13th. My improved health today was just a bonus.

In the unlikely event any of my readership are not good web-searchers, here are a couple Wikipedia articles relevant for today:

Friday the 13th

13 actually carries a little luck for me. I was 13 and wore #13 when I had my best season of Little League baseball. We were in row 13 of one plane and on flight 113 of a connecting flight when we went to Vegas in 2005, and that turned out to be a fun and profitable trip.

UPDATE: More evidence of good luck - I got an extra bag of Sun Chips from the vending machine just a few minutes ago. Sweet.