03 October 2006

Alright You Primitive Screwheads, Listen Up!

*** UPDATED with photo! ***

Well hello mister fancy-pants. I got news for you, pal.

Okay, enough with the Ash quotes. I got to meet the man. Live and in person. Rebecca and I dragged our poor bored pal Ryan out to the Bagdad on Saturday afternoon to go to Bruce Campbell's book signing. Bruce was promoting Make Love! The Bruce Campbell Way, but Rebecca had already snagged an autographed copy for me sometime last year:

Hoping that he'd sign whatever of his stuff people would put in front of him, I brought my copy of If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B-Movie Actor. We got to the Bagdad about 15 minutes after they opened the doors, snagged some seats near the back, and got tickets to get into the signing line (numbers 380 and 381). Ryan, who didn't have anything to sign, ended up having to go to Powell's across the street to buy a book. He ended up getting both books, and 2 tickets for the signing line (198 and 200 - sweet!).

We sat around chatting until finally Bruce walked on stage to thunderous applause. He chatted about a few things for a while, then went into Q&A with the audience. He was very funny, and could probably make a ton of money doing stand-up if he wanted to. He zinged a handful of people who were asking kind of silly questions, gave some really good answers to good questions, and was generally the entertaining wise-cracking guy I expected.

He took some swipes at Medford, and actually gave 5 bucks to some chick in the audience who asked some question about how he got to be the best actor in the world. Somebody asked him about getting into acting, and he grabbed a copy of If Chins Could Kill from someone in the front row and told the questioner to buy it and read it. He repeated that gag later when someone else asked him about getting into filmmaking.

He didn't mention a heck of a lot about his new movie (understandable, I suppose - it's a book-signing after all), but I can't wait.

When we finally got around to getting the book signed, I got the feeling he was getting maybe a little tired of it (and after reading this, I'm glad he decided to do a signing tour at all), but he was pleasant - especially for a guy who'd signed nearly 200 other people's video game/DVD covers, posters, and books - and shook both our hands. He made a little joke about how he'd put together that we were a couple, and thanked us when we told him we were fans of his work. Ryan was at least smart enough to bring his camera, so Rebecca snapped a few shots of him getting his stuff signed, then he shot us getting our book signed. Hopefully, he'll e-mail the photos to me so I can post 'em - Ryan managed to get one of me shaking Bruce's hand. Cool. Anyway, here's a scan of our freshly-signed book:

After the signing, we had dinner and beer at the Horse Brass, then over to Belmont Station to get some beer for later (I'll post later about the Bison Chocolate Stout), and finally off to Moon & Sixpence for more beer and chitchat. Great day.

UPDATE: Ryan sent me the photo. Check out my brush with fame:


Red said...

"Ask not what your rest home can do for you. Ask what you can do for your rest home."

Nothing like Bubba....

Ghost Dog said...


"How could I have gone from the king of rock 'n' roll to this?"

brando said...

First you want to kill me, now you want to kiss me.

Bruce rules!

JinxyJr said...

I am so jealous.