12 September 2006

Workout, Week 2

Started week 2 of my workouts, aimed at getting into better shape for ski season. I skipped Monday ('cause I got up late), and did 30 min of cardio and then some back, biceps, and quads/glutes work this morning. So far, I only have the mildly strained right calf to complain about, other than the fact that I can barely hold a tuck for a full minute. And I wish we had an abductor/adductor machine at the on-campus fitness center.

Tomorrow is my planned rest day (early meetings), so hopefully the calf will have healed enough to work it a little. I may just swap days and leave the calf/hammy stuff for Friday instead.

The weekend was kind of wasted, at least on Saturday, since the missus and I didn't hardly do anything on Saturday until we hooked up with friends to hit the Sandy Oktoberfest. Other than having some decent beer, the fest was kinda lame. We did see a pickle-eating contest and listened to some live music, but we bailed early and went to the Skyland Pub to watch some football.

Sunday was spent apart, Rebecca at home doing stuff and me out at the Reserve in Aloha, working at the Mt Hood Search & Rescue Golf Benefit, raising some money for the Ski Patrol. I had fun running around the course in a golf cart shuttling people and things from place to place, and just being generally as helpful as I could be. It was a gorgeous day for golf. It kind of made me miss playing, since I haven't hit a ball since before my ankle surgery last summer.
Maybe it's time to dust off the clubs and hit a bucket or two and see if I can still do it. That's good work for the core as well...hmm...