05 September 2006

"What Is That On Your Head?"

I wore my new Arsenal cap in to work today, completely throwing everyone off.

I love messing with people, so every little chance I get makes the day more fun. Usually, I'm in a Steelers or Pirates cap, so everyone expects something black, gold, white, or some mix of those colors on my head every day. Sometimes I go hatless to mess with people, but it's rare - the fluorescent lights around here tend to give me headaches.

Re-started my workout program today, going with a leg-heavy workout. I can feel it, but it's not crazy sore, so I must not have worked hard enough. :) Tomorrow is cardio-heavy with some circuit training (can't wait to see the funny looks while doing bounding tucks) and working the core. I'll probably rest Thursday and then do light leg stuff and more arms/upper body on Friday. Still kind of experimenting with what I want to focus on (besides quads), but at least I'm doing something, and starting out 3x/week seems good enough for now. I'll likely bump up to 4x/week by next month.

On a side note, I got to see Barkernews in action (well, sort of) today, out near where I work. Neato. No, I didn't get on TV, nor did I want to. I wasn't wearing a Steelers cap. :)


brando said...

Wow, you don’t joke when it comes to the Arsenal. That's a sharp hat.

Barkernews said...

Nice hat, yo.
Good to see you!

Ghost Dog said...

Brando: thanks!

B-news: Thanks, was good seeing you as well. Watched your piece on the news afterward. Nice work.

LandS said...

You need to wear a "50 years of hell hat". I have a beat up one I could send you, BLACK.

Matthew said...


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