25 September 2006

A Pirate's Life For Me...For A Few Hours, Anyway

My buddy Ryan and I checked out the Portland Pirate Festival this Saturday. He posted about it on his blog, and pretty much covered it stem to stern, so I'm just going to drop a few things on y'all that I found interesting.

Turns out I wasn't the only one who thought it would be a subtle joke to wear some Pittsburgh Pirates gear (see photo over at the Circusgeek dojo) to the thing - I saw a guy in line for food with a Pirates tee commemorating the existence of Three Rivers Stadium.

There was also a black car - already decked out with an "ARRRGG" license plate and skull & crossbones on the doors - with a Pirates baseball sticker in the window. Kewl.

The costumes - wow. Period British soldiers/sailors, swashbuckling buccaneers, bawdy wenches, the fest had 'em all. Even some kids were fully decked out in pirate garb. I found it quite hilarious to see them using cell phones and digital cameras.

We ate at the Salvador Molly's tent, but we saw a booth for "Lady Tina's Thighs". Long line for that one, but I think some of the guys in the line might have been disappointed to learn it was for chicken...

The entertainment was great, but I wish we'd arrived a little earlier to catch the full 'battle' (see B.O.O.M. reference at Ryan's post).

Anyway, after that, we figured we didn't get enough of standing in lines, so we went to the Polish festival off Interstate Ave. That was pretty cool, with the polka and the beer and the whole people-having-a-great-time atmosphere. I ran into a Ski Patrol buddy, too.

I think if they're on the same weekend next year, we do the Polish fest first, then go pirate-style in the evening. Yarr!


brando said...

I hope you got to drink some nice cold ones. Pirate style.

Ghost Dog said...

Oh holy crap - I totally forgot about the 'grog'. Probably because it was Rogue beers, and I've reviewed them both before (Hazelnut Brown and the Shakespeare Stout). Both are awesome.

Yeah, we drank our cold ones Pirate style...er, as much as you can from a plastic cup.

Mister Jinxy said...

Where are the pics of the bawdy wenches!

Ghost Dog said...

Let's just say my camera phone isn't the best there is. And I don't think the wife would buy "I was taking a photo of her costume. Really!"

Yeah, I know...you can say it...