14 September 2006

Heh! As If This Blog Were Popular Enough...

Got something interesting in my web mail account the other day (I don't check it that often). It was a message from Tim Krause, marketing director for the Miracle Theater Group, asking for help generating a "buzz in the blogosphere" about an upcoming show called "The Road to Xibalbá".

This blog. Generate a buzz. Heh. Hehehehe. Bwahahahahahahaha!!!

Okay, calm down, man. It's not that funny. And I prefer 'blogiverse', myself.


I guess just being a Portland area blogger got me on his list. I mean, it can't be the far-reaching unpopularity of this near-colossal waste of bits and server space. If this guy saw my SiteMeter stats, he'd know that I'm only popular with people searching for Shark Attacks, Pit Bull Attacks, and Kim Jong-Il's fabled golf prowess.

Well, that and my 3 or 4 friends.

Anyway, it sounds like it might be an interesting show. Here's the tag-paragraph thingy:

The Road to Xibalbá is a magical look at how two generations of Mayan-American
descendants connect to rediscover the power of spiritual belief, raising the
question of whether this power is contained in the deities that populate the
Mayan pantheon, or in the minds of the believers … or both?

Sounded from his message like I could get free tix to the show for blogging about it. Not being a Latino (I know you're all surprised), I'm not immediately drawn in, but maybe if the wife wants to see it, I'll blog about it and contact the guy.

Oh wait....I just did blog about it...hm. Well, if the missus wants tickets, I might have to edit out the snickering...


Jeff Alworth said...

I got one of those, too. I wonder if your post was the kind of "press" they were hoping for. Hmmm...