01 September 2006

F-Around Friday: Self-fulfilling Prophecy (?) Edition

Aside from checking out this post and responding to it (please!), I present you - thanks to YouTube and sort of also to Barkernews (found the clip via checking out one of his recent posts) - with this gem of a time-waster.

Those of you out there who watch sports - you know how commentators will say things like "he's gone 150 attempts without an interception" and the next play he gets picked off, or "he never hits well against right-handed pitching with runners in scoring position" and the guy belts one over the fence? Sometimes, though, the commentators will say something like "she always scores a big goal when the team needs one" and it happens.

Well, this reporter is talking about a dangerous intersection, and...well, I bet you can guess what happens...


Ryan said...

what amazes me most is how the guy goes "oh my gosh!" ... I would have said something much more vulgar.

Ghost Dog said...

Hey, the guy's a pro, I guess. I would have at least said, "Holy SHIT!"