23 September 2006


Okay, so I'm over the Steelers loss on MNF this week. The Jags' D is good. 'Nuff said.

But I just had to see if anyone had YouTubed Joey Porter's introduction of the Steelers' D, and sure enough, somebody did. It just cracks me up, because he was imitating Dave Chappelle imitating Howard Dean's infamous televised (and hilarious) scream.

Kids love it too.

I heart YouTube.


Hoss said...

Joey Porter was cracking me up, it actually took me a second to figure out what he was doing then...HA!

brando said...

I was sitting at my dinner table watching that, and I uttered the words, "That's not even a Dean impersonation. It's an impersonation of Chapelle's impersonation of Dean."

The announcer must have heard me, because then he repeated me.