03 September 2006

Beer, Boomstick, And Gunners Gear

Went out Saturday night with our awesome pals Ryan & Kelly to the Main Street Ale House in Gresham, in hopes of putting away a few pints (between Ryan & I anyway) of their 80 Shilling scottish ale. Well, they were finally out of the stuff, which disappointed both Ryan and me.

We got there way earlier than anticipated, and R&K were delayed, so I decided to try the Single Malt ale. This was one I hadn't tried before, mostly because I got stuck on the 80 Shilling. It was kind of amber in color, and fairly clear-looking, which was deceptive because it was very tasty and I'd say medium-bodied. It was a fairly complex and tasty ale, reminding me just a little of some english bitters I've had. Excellent stuff. Fortunately, it's one of their regular beers, so I won't be too bummed the next time one of their awesome seasonals disappears.

I also had their Powell Porter, which wasn't half-bad at all. Seemed kinda average, not as roasty or strong as the more robust porters I've had. After a look at the Brewers Association Style Guide, I'd say it was a Brown Porter. Not spectacular, but not disappointing at all.

After dinner, we dragged R&K out to the Elbo Room, which I think they enjoyed. The girls had their girly-style martinis, Ryan snagged a Black Butte Porter, and I went all James Bond and had a vodka martini - shaken, not stirred. After much chatting and laughing, we called it a night and went home. Always a kick to go out with those two.

The awesomeness of the weekend didn't end there. Rewinding a little bit to Saturday midday, we picked up a copy of Evil Dead: Regeneration for the PC. I've only played it a little bit, but it is a hell of a lot of fun killing Deadites with the chainsaw and boomstick. Should be a good time-waster for when the weather is crappy.

Fast forward to today, when we took Phoebe to the park and had a nice time walking her and just enjoying the nice weather.

After that, we took a road trip down to Woodburn to do some shopping at the factory stores down there. I was looking for (among other things) some Arsenal gear, since this is the second year of my fandom and I have nothing to show it off with. We hit the Nike store and came up empty (Plenty of Man U stuff there, though. Wankers.), then wandered into the Just Sports store...and they had an Arsenal jersey! Too bad it was too small.

But, in an unexpected display of customer service skill, the guy at the store asked where we were from and proceeded to tell us about a place called the Far Post in Portland (14th & Taylor) where they probably had some Arsenal jerseys. Excited about that, we bolted back to Stumptown and lo and behold, the guy was right. Got me one of the new red & white jerseys and a red Arsenal cap. Go Gunners!


Bridger said...

You know, I've never heard of the Main Steet Ale House. Guess I need to get my elietist head out of the shiny-clean ass we call the Pearl and head out to Gresham for an 80 shilling when they stir up a new batch.