24 August 2006

Mt. Hood Butterfly Photos

A fellow MHSP apprentice, Cliff, shot these photos on Sunday during some brief breaks in the First Responder Training up at Timberline/Mt. Hood this past Sunday. Here it is Friday already, and I'm still blown away by the 'butterfly blizzard'. These were taken probably 150 vertical feet below the top of the Palmer lift. Thanks to Cliff for shooting these and letting me post them.

Ready for a close-up?

This one only gives you a hint of what it was like up there. Yes, all those little specks are butterflies.

As many as we saw fluttering about, there were at least that amount sitting on the rocks nearby.


punkindunkin said...

What's the appeal, I wonder? Or are they lost? Could it be a global warming thing? You know you can blame everything on that nowadays.

Ghost Dog said...

As I understand it, they were migrating. The patrollers who'd done a few summers at Timberline say it's common.

Anonymous said...

Do you know the name of the butterflies that are pictured? We were at Timberline a couple weeks ago and there were a lot. Reminded me of the Painted Lady butterfly migration at Joshua Tree. The curator of the lodge asked me to write her with the name - surprised she didn't know.

Ghost Dog said...

I believe they were Monarch butterflies.