27 August 2006

Last Day Skiing For A While

August 27th. Never skied into July before this season, much less the end of August. Today was, I expect, my last on skis for a little while. I spent one last day playing patient for the First Responder Training with the Mt. Hood Ski Patrol today, and we got the last of the 'invert' crew to finish up (Congrats once again, Inverts. Y'all do rock). Once they finish up "Chair Assault" and the OEC Refresher, they'll get their crosses and be full-on patrollers. Cool.

I got to play a choking victim today, and the first responders did a great job both times through that scenario, clearing my airway and getting me on supplemental oxygen. They both did a fine job of packing me into the sled for transport as well. After all the gasping and wheezing to ham it up, I actually kind of needed the oxygen the second time around - I got a tad lightheaded!

Second scenario was the dislocated shoulder thing from last week. I was actually a little bummed that I was in reruns. I kinda wanted something new and more challenging to stretch my acting chops. :)

As far as my training goes, I've still got plenty ahead of me. I'm hoping that I've gotten a bit ahead of the curve by helping out as a patient for FRT, as well as sneaking in a few runs "in the handles" - pulling a rescue toboggan, under the supervision of the training director. I have a decent idea of what to expect when sled training begins, which could be as soon as November. Pray for snow.

I took the "real" camera up with me today, and snapped away when I had a free moment. Didn't catch anything truly spectacular, as the butterflies this weekend were only a tiny fraction of what we had last weekend. On to the pictures...

The gathering...

Another beautiful morning at Timberline.

OEC classmate and 'invert' Michael, repacking the toboggan.

Backboarding...must be serious. Trainers Kat and Tom observe Bob and crew.

See? Boarders can patrol, too. Training director John carves up the afternoon snow.

Correction - Boarders AND Tele skiers. Trainer Mark cuts through the mush on his Scotty Bobs.

After the FRT scenarios completed, we managed a few runs before sweep. I got in some good turns, hit some moguls up there, and did a couple small jumps before heading down the Mile Canyon. A lot of people were thinking the snow in the canyon was going to be sticky and slow, but as it was last week, it turned out to be pretty damn good. Some of us figure that the wind that cruises up the canyon keeps the snow just cool enough that it doesn't cement up on you.
I finished up my run, pulled off my ski boots and laced up my hiking boots. Barkernews and fellow OEC classmate Rick accompanied me on the hike down to the First Aid Room, as they had also made the choice to ski down as far as was possible.

I got out of my gear, packed up the Sorento and headed down to Charlie's in Government Camp for some beer with the group. A couple pints of Moose Drool and a BBQ Beef sandwich mixed with great conversation with a cool bunch of folks was the capper of a great day on the hill.


LandS said...

Cool. The latest I skied was in May when Jimbo returned from Bush 1. I went to Tuckermans with him. It was awsome.

LandS said...

We saw pix on the weather channel of snow on Mt Hood. You wern't in them, why?