10 July 2006

Smarter Than Your Average Hooligan?

Rather than getting into the whole 'what the hell possessed him to do that?!' business regarding Zinédine Zidane's head-butt of Italian player Marco Materazzi in the 111th (you read that right) minute of the World Cup final, I would like to offer up this observation:

At least he hit the guy in the chest. Right? I mean, no need to bloody himself (or the other guy) up whilst causing himself to be taken out of the most important match of his career. Don't want to risk a concussion, either, by hitting the guy in the hardest part of his body.

Okay, I will get into the 'why': this way, he can't be blamed for missing one in the penalty kick shoot-out after the overtimes had elapsed, scoreless.

Of course, the real blame is at the feet of the French keeper Barthez. Italy was probably glad to have 5 chances at him 1-on-1.


brando said...

It reminds me of the time when romanowski spat in the refs face.

Everyone's like "Um, maybe you don't know the rules of this game."

If winning isn't your goal, then it's a great idea.

Zeros and Ones said...

It was certainly a monumentally stupid move for such an important piece of the French side, and I don't think there's really any possible excuse - but I have heard an explanation.

Allegedly Materazzi pinched Zidane's nipple and called him a terrorist - Zidane is French, of Algerian heritage, and there has been an ongoing problem of Algerian violence in France.

Now, I would never suggest that getting a 'purple nurple' (or 't**ty twister', if you prefer) is grounds for such a brutal headbutt, it might have been provoked by something other than Zidane's fear of missing a penalty kick in the shoot-out. He is after all a beautful goal scorer, who likely would have had absolutely no difficulty getting one past the admittedly strong Italian keeper.

Ghost Dog said...

Yeah, that was rather harsh on my part. I'm sure Zidane fears no goalkeeper.

Hadn't heard about the terrorist remark. Not sure if I would have planted Materazzi for that, but I would have certainly done something.

Paul said...

hmm, i was under the impression tht soccer (oh, im sorry, futbol) players were supposed to headbutt each other. what gives? wasn't he supposed to headbutt Mozart? wasn't it scripted? what's with all teh hullabaloo?

Maserati said he didnt call him a terrorist, but don't take my word for it. check out this article for the full story, including some details about Mozzarella's ties to evil racist soccer, er, futbol, fan clubs.

Paul said...

ps: i think it's funny that the above article (justifying violence) is posted on a leftist website. the same one where cinders is talking about her jambajuice-proteinshake-coffee-icecream hunger (hungry) strike.