23 July 2006

Our Own Little Mini Beer Festival

Well, since there wasn't an actual festival this weekend, and we were already driving sort of westerly, we went on over to John's Marketplace on Saturday to grab some of that Maibock I was raving about some weeks back, and to show the missus just how beeriffic that place is. I grabbed a couple of the Maibocks, since I figured they'd be good to drink in the heat, and a handful of other brews. Haven't tried them all yet, though, so the 'festival' continues. :)

Here's what I did have (after starting with the Maibock):

Wexford Irish Cream Ale - A little hoppy, but very very smooth. I really like drinking these imports in the widget-cans. Ah, technology. Creamy head, goes down nice and easy, and just a touch on the hoppy side. I liked it.

Abita Purple Haze Raspberry Wheat Ale - I only sampled this one, as it was something Rebecca had chosen. The fruityness of this one was actually pretty subtle, and it had that distinct hefeweizen kind of taste. The photo doesn't quite capture it well, but there is a barely-noticeable purplish tint. Not bad.

Rebecca likes her Belgian Whites, so she grabbed herself a Jolly Pumpkin Calabaza Blanca. I had a couple sips of this one, and it tasted pretty good. Just a hint of citrus notes in this one.

Also, we hit the Main Street Ale House on Friday night, where I had my usual 80 Schilling scotch ale. They still list it as a seasonal, but they've been pouring it since before Christmas. Come on guys, just make it a regular brew and move on. :)
Rebecca had their Belgian Wit seasonal, dubbed "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It". I liked this one a lot. Light, wheaty, subtle sweetness, smooth. Excellent summer brew. Very tasty stuff.

Today, we went off to get wet in the river, since it was topping 100 degrees. Started out planning to hit Roslyn Lake, forgot they charged $3 just to get in there (and we didn't have any cash!), drove around a bit, saw some really cool old-timey cars (a BUNCH of early '70s Mustangs) out towards Sandy, bit the bullet and
grabbed some cash (one could not swing one's dead cat near the Sandy river without hitting someone, and the place was crawling with MultCo Sherriff vehicles), then headed over to Rooster Rock to take a dip. Felt good to get out and do something outdoors, and I hadn't swam (swum? whatever) in a while, so it was a fun afternoon.

Continuing the 'festival', I tried one of the other beers I snagged at John's, called
Dark Island, from the Orkney Brewery in Scotland. Established in 1988, Orkney is a rather new brewery, considering how old most of the UK breweries are. The label says it's a "dark ale", and there's no question about that, as you can't see any light through it. I'd say it's a very balanced brew, in that you can't call it malty or hoppy. There is a definite roasty/earthy tone to it, and I kind of like that. The finish seems unexpectedly light.

OBF is next weekend. This time, I will try to remember to bring a pen. Should be fun, even if there seem to be a lot of 're-runs' from last year's festival. It'll be nice doing this one without the crutches.


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