15 July 2006

One Year Post-Op

Today is the one-year anniversary of my ankle surgery, and I have to say things are going pretty well in that department. I've skied on it a bunch of times, played some softball, run a little, biked a little, and it generally feels good. It still swells a little after activity, and sometimes it snaps and pops, but I have to say I'm pleased with the results.

For the whole ankle story, see this post and this other post.

Last night, we hung out with our great pals Ryan & Kelly at the Mash Tun over on Alberta. I hadn't been there in ages, well before they started brewing their own stuff. I had the Ford Prefect Porter (very good porter, nice roasty finish, and a very cool name), and sampled their Inclusion Amber (also very good). We sat out on the patio, since it was a beautiful night for doing that. R&K brought some stuff for Rebecca for her birthday, as they hadn't had the chance to see her since the weekend before her birthday. They're such great friends. They also brought me some bottles of Rogue beer! How awesome is that? They gave me 2 bottles of the Hazelnut Brown, which is my favorite local beer, and a bottle of the Kell's Irish Lager, which I haven't tried yet, but sounds great.

We're going to hang out with them again today, checking out the Mississippi Avenue Street Fair, and Ryan and I are going to zip on over to the Portland International Beer Fest. Then it's off to a birthday party for one of Ryan's friends, and the girls are headed off to see Paul Oakenfold, courtesy of Kelly winning tickets from KNRK. Cool.