06 July 2006

Independence Day Weekend - Beer, BBQ, The (un)usual

Yes, I am blogslacking by not having posted about the 4oJ weekend yet, but I've been a little busy. Let's see, I already filled you in on the trip up to the hill, so picking up where I left off takes us...

...to John's Marketplace, with my pal Ryan on Sunday afternoon. The plan was to run over there, be awed by the beer selection, grab some of it, go get some groceries, then get on over to his place and help his wife Kelly with the BBQ preparations. We pretty much managed to stick to the plan. The only part we didn't account for was how much time we (I) would spend stricken with analysis paralysis due to all the freakin' beer they have. Holy F-!

In my haste, I didn't take shots of everything I bought. There was a Scottish ale in a can (with a draught widget thingy) that I managed not to snap a pic of, nor can I recall what it was called. It was good, though, but not as strong or heavy as I think I hoped for. Here's the stuff I do remember and/or did get shots of:

More Adnams Broadside. Posted about this already. One of my new favorite beers. Also grabbed a bottle of their Suffolk Special Bitter. Pretty good stuff, too. Not as potent as the Broadside, and with a little more hop character (or not as malty...one or the other...).

A bottle of the Rogue Morimoto Soba Ale. Posted about that before, too. Ryan hadn't had this before, and I thought he might enjoy it. It was fine, but definitely doesn't translate as well from tap to bottle as I'd hoped.

Harviestoun Brewery
's 'Old Engine Oil'. I almost didn't get this one, due to the price ($4.19, I think), but the description and the label made me change my mind. I'm glad I got it. This was a pretty good ale, probably like a porter, roasty-malty with a very subtle chocolate tone. Plus, the name. Too cool.

Will-Bräu's Mai-Bock. Man, this was sweet - literally. A very distinct honey flavor to this maibock, but with all of the strength and goodness of your usual German spring bock. I could drink this stuff all summer long. Couldn't find a link to the brewery with a cursory look via Google. But, I captured the labels, which looked kinda cool:

Finally (I think), I had Coopers Brewery's Dark Ale. This was a pretty good kind of a brown ale. Not sure what the Aussies' dark ale equates to in terms of what we're used to seeing, but it looked a touch darker than your average brown. Didn't taste much different than, say, Wolaver's or maybe Newcastle, but that means it was a pretty good beer.

Rebecca managed to get away from her digital photography class early, and joined us about the time I was nursing the Mai-bock. And then there was the grilled goodness. I just had to get a shot of all that animal flesh. Oh yeah.

During all this celebrating of my country's birthday with (mostly) foreign beer, we also had a pretty damn good light show courtesy of Mother Nature. I didn't bother to try capturing the lightning, as I've failed at that before, but I did snap a few of the very cool-looking sky above north Portland. Check it out.

Wouldn't be a Ghost Dog photo post without a panorama, so here you go.

And some more cool sky niftiness. Loved the contrasting clouds. Wish I had a better camera.

As if that wasn't enough, Rebecca and I spent the evening of the actual 4th over at her sister's and sister's fiance's place for burgers, more beer, and blowin' shit up. I had some more Broadsides, and we ate well, played a little Texas Hold-'em, and lit off some fireworks. I got sick, though, and I'm sure it was from puffing on the cigarillos we were using to light the fireworks off, as the lighters we were using were just about useless in the light breeze. I'm no smoker, so despite not inhaling any lungfuls of that crap, I still managed to get sick to my stomach afterward.

Oh well. They can't all end perfectly.


brando said...

I liked the purple and orange clouds. Stay away from the mokes. Just cause you're playing poker, doesn't mean you have to do the smokey treats.

punkindunkin said...

Yay for the panoramas! Nice shots.

Did I ever tell you I was allergic to alcohol? So unfortunately I don’t have anything to say about all your wonderful posts on bars and drinks.