07 June 2006

"It's only a model." "Shh!"

Our good pals Ryan & Kelly got back from a trip to the UK recently, and had a few folks over to their place on Saturday to have some munchies, UK-style, and beer, as well as check out their photos. I've been hella busy at work, or I'd have blogged about this sooner. Anyway...

As we always do over at their place, we had a great time. They're awesome hosts. The kind of people you cancel other plans for. Not that we had to this time - they'd planned this shindig before they left on their trip. :)

They brought Rebecca and I back some nifty stuff, too! Since they visited Doune Castle, where key bits of Monty Python and the Holy Grail were filmed, they got me a copy of the screenplay. As if that weren't cool enough, they got me a Doune Castle shot glass! Super nifty.

Just when you thought I wasn't posting about beer...

Ryan had me try a bottle of Adnams Broadside. It's an excellent English ale. "Heartwarming", says the bottle label. Whatever that means. I like it a lot. From the Adnams web site:

It was voted the “best Strong Bitter” in the country and was duly awarded a gold medal at the Great British Beer Festival. It is now the number one (by volume) premium cask beer in Anglia. So even if the eventual winners of the Battle of Sole Bay are lost in the mists of time, we like to think that Adnams Broadside has won a victory all of its own.

Huh? I like bitters? Guess I better brush up on beer styles a bit more. Hm. Huh? English bitters aren't really all that bitter? Oh. Well, the description is confusing anyhow, as the same name is used for what have, which is a bottled 6.3% strong ale, listed here . It tastes a lot like the stronger scottish ales I've had. Are there any beer experts out there who can tell me why the bottled version would be 6.3% ABV when the version you'd get on tap at pubs is only 4.7%? Eh, whatever. Shut up and drink it, right? :)

I looked up the Battle of Sole Bay. It was the first naval battle of the third Anglo-Dutch war, and was fought today in 1672. Both sides claimed victory. Read more about the battle on Wikipedia.

Uh oh - not done posting about beer. I got home and found 6 bottles of Broadside in the fridge, courtesy of the missus. How utterly Airwolf. And there was this:

I think we're going. Love the Bruce Lee bit. They did that with last year's poster, too.


brando said...

Darnit, I forgot my link.

I'm going to go get some broadside ale tomorrow. My better half and I went to Scotland last summer and were about 10 miles from there.

Ghost Dog said...

Cool! We want to go to the UK big time. Hopefully spring of '08.

Mister Jinxy said...

Brutal Pitbull Fight


brando said...

I went to my local speciality beer shop and they didn't have it. Too bad for me. I did get a nice assortment though, however there was no broadside for me.

Ghost Dog said...

Bummer. What did you end up getting?

Ghost Dog said...

Oh, and Jinxy-san - I couldn't watch the video. Dunno why, but it won't play in FireFox or IE6.