15 June 2006

I Is Seapy-Are Kwaleefyed

Well, pretty much. I get my card in 2-4 weeks.

I took the CPR for Healthcare Providers (with AED!) course tonight. I'd had CPR training thru the Red Cross, Boy Scouts, in the Army, etc., but it'd been over a decade since I last head-tilt/chin-lifted a CPR dummy. It went well. Had 4 fellow OEC classmates in the class with me, plus one patroller getting re-certified, which was nice. Good to have some familiar faces in class with me, so I wasn't forced to chat with people I likely won't see again.

I hope I never have to use one, but these Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) are pretty damn nifty devices. Easy to use, too.

Class cost: $30. Best part - it's for a non-profit organization (Mt. Hood Ski Patrol), so the expense is tax-deductible (I think. Pretty sure about that.).


punkindunkin said...


Can't wait to be rescued by you on Mt Hood next season (and that's not an if, that's a when... knowing me).

Ghost Dog said...

I hope you don't need any rescuing! If you do, let's hope it's not something you need CPR for.