27 June 2006

I Already Knew I Was Out Of Shape, Why Prove It To Myself?

Oh, right. 'Cause I'm an idiot.

I decided to spend a portion of my commute today on two wheels, finally joining the bicycle commuting community. I say a portion, because I know I'm in no shape to ride 33 miles in an entire day, much less for my morning AND evening commute. Also, I don't have the time. At least, not at the speed I rode today. Besides, I need my train time to cram for my OEC final this week.

The plan was to ride 5 miles from my house to the 102nd Ave MAX stop, then hop on the train, get out to Hillsboro, and ride the mile and a half or so from MAX to work. I started out at around 20mph. It's all pretty flat, so I figured I could keep that up.


I'd made the first mile at 20mph, then dropped slowly to 15. I didn't have my Camelbak with me (Dumbass! Next time you'll bring that, won't ya!), so working too much harder than I did wasn't a good idea unless I wanted to collapse from dehydration. I made it to the 148th Ave stop and said, 'screw this'.

I learned some more valuable lessons today, besides making sure I have my hydration pack:

  • Make sure I have some glasses or other eye protection. Don't want another bug in the eye.
  • Mountain bikes aren't necessarily good commuter bikes. In fact, anything with really fat tires sucks, 'cause you can't hang the fucker up on the train.
  • Get a damn mirror. I don't know why I didn't grab one. Sucks when you have to turn around to see if any cars are coming when you want to turn left.

Despite a less-than-stellar experience, I feel great. Nice to get some exercise in the morning, even if it was a pathetic 4.92 miles total. The rest of the numbers:

  • Ride time (min:sec) - 21:29
  • Avg Speed - 13.75mph
  • Top Speed - 21.25

Sad. But, it's a start. I think this afternoon will just be the 1.1 miles from my usual MAX debark point to my house. We'll see.