16 June 2006

ClearChannel = Network 23?

Apparently, nobody at ClearChannel learned a damn thing from Max Headroom. They're looking at one-second commercials, which they've dubbed 'blinks'. I heard about this on the radio this morning and I immediately thought of blipverts.

Great. This is all we need. Drive-time radio listeners' heads exploding and causing massive traffic jams.

Quick! Start an online petition! Stop the blipverts 'blinks'!


brando said...

When I was a kid, I LOVED Max Headroom. Max, Alf, the short lived show The Highwaymen, put me into a jr high frenzy. Maybe it was the bilpverts.

Ghost Dog said...

Couldn't get into Alf. I hated that show.

Misfits of Science, however, was cool.

PseudoIntellect said...

Back from the dead!

What's up?!?!?!

I've got to start writing again! Hope all is well.

Ghost Dog said...

Wondered where you'd been! All is indeed well.