27 June 2006

Bike Commute Experiment, Part 2

So, at least I rode the same distance on the way home as I did to work. I could have pussed out and hopped off the train at 181st, but I didn't. I got off at 148th and rode the rest of the way. I was feeling a little spry, so I decided to pick up the pace a little.
The final tally for the day:

  • Total Distance: 9.58 miles
  • Total Riding Time: 40:42
  • Average Speed: 14.14mph (I jammed on home, just to get my average up)
  • Top Speed: 23.62mph (feel the burn)
Tomorrow's experiment: do the same thing on the old Giant ATX 760. I still haven't put the new chain on (ugh...the old one looks like crap), and I haven't invested the $60 or so it will cost to put "city" tires on it. At least the headlight I bought fits the handlebars on this one. The Trek's bars were too fat.

Speaking of too fat, this afternoon I rode on one of the newer MAX cars, and I was able to hang the bike up. I guess the newer cars care about us fat-tire types. I shouldn't have any problem with the Giant on either car, as they're 2.1-inch tires versus the 2.4s on the Trek.

Here's a shot of the '91 Giant. Note the old-school Manitou shocks, the rusty chain (gonna replace that, honest!), and the faded 2nd Armored Division (Hell on Wheels!) sticker on the downtube just to the left of the "G". Looks like hell, as it should considering the terrain I've put under it (nasty rocky tank trails at Ft. Hood, TX) and the near-decade-long lack of proper (any) maintenance.