12 June 2006

Ben, You Should Have Listened To Terry

Steelers fans know Terry Bradshaw can sometimes say some pretty odd things. He's no Yogi Berra, though, and he was certainly right when he told Ben Roethlisberger last year to park his bike if he was going to ride without a helmet.

Sadly, today Ben proved the Blonde Bomber all too correct about it being dangerous.

Hopefully, Big Ben will make a full recovery and be back on the field good-as-new as soon as possible, but I'm certainly more concerned about the kid's overall health, never mind his football career.

Mixed with that concern, though, is a (perhaps selfish) irritation at the guy for not having the common sense to helmet up, even if the law in Pennsylvania doesn't require it.

Even more than that, I'm peeved at the driver who hit him, as that driver apparently ran a red light, according to the witness account video on this page.


brando said...

Dang. I hope he gets well soon.

Ghost Dog said...

I only ever skied with a helmet when I raced, but I'm beginning to think that's going to change next season.

rebecca marie said...

this story makes me sad. people can be soooo stubborn. today i've even heard mumblings about the NFL's rule in regard to dangerous off-field activities.

i honestly feel bad for the woman who ran the red light. we have all made driving errors. been a bit too aggressive with yellow lights, made rolling stops at four ways, stuff like that.

it could easily have been me... poor woman.