06 May 2006

Viva Las Vegas II

Okay, I'm finally getting around to this. I need the break from yard work, and my allergies (to what, is the question - I don't think it's just grass, 'cause I never have allergy trouble playing golf) are flaring up.

We flew out of PDX on Sunday morning with our friends Rick and Brandi. The airport wasn't very busy, and the flight was uneventful. I thought I saw Tabitha Jane (of Bad Diary Days fame) at the airport, but wasn't sure enough about that to say 'hi'. Turns out I should have, as she confirmed later via blog comments this week that she was at the airport. Anyhoo...I tried to post something here using my PSP and the free WiFi at the airport, but for whatever reason, I couldn't get the 'create post' page to load. Read some of my OEC book and listened to some MP3s on the flight down there.

We stayed at Fitzgeralds Hotel and Casino in downtown Las Vegas. The downtown area isn't as glitzy and tall as the Strip, but it is jam-packed with casino-hotels and gift shops and stuff. Sunday night was spent wandering around the Fremont Street Experience and gambling away our hard-earned cash and drinking.

The only thing really cool about Fremont Street besides the neon cowboy at the old Pioneer is the overhead entertainment thing called Viva Vision. I wish I'd gotten something better than a camera-phone shot, but here's an idea of what we saw.

Monday was spent casino-hopping. We kind of drove around the outskirts of the Strip, checking out the Orleans and the Gold Coast, and we went looking for one casino that turned out to have been demolished, apparently - it wasn't there! Here's what was there.

Afterward, we hit the Strip so I could go collect on the Super Bowl bet I made last June at the MGM Grand. We gambled there a little bit, saw the lions, and left. They'd finished the remodeling of that one bar they were working on last year. I didn't feel like putting another $10 on the Steelers again, for whatever reason.

We wandered over to the Hooters Hotel & Casino, just to say we'd been there, and to have some hot wings. They were as good as I remembered, and the service was really good. I never ran out of iced tea. Along the way, we started doing some field research for our stripper-card scavenger hunt game, snapping up all manner of discarded stripper cards. We quickly found that most of the scoring rules we'd come up with were pretty useful, but we clearly had to come up with some new ones. I'll post the complete rules at the bottom of this entry.

I snapped a few more pictures as we meandered around the strip. We went into the Tropicana, gambled a little there, and walked around some more. Had to snap a nostalgia shot of New York New York, since we stayed there last year. Yep, still looks the same. Wait a minute - are those clouds? Yep, it rained on us, believe it or not. Well, it was really a very light sprinkle, but no less surprising for Vegas.

The Strip is simply awash in contstruction. I didn't take any pictures of all the work that was going on, but there were so many high-rise condo towers going up, along with what looked to be some more hotel-casino buildings. After

Monday night was spent back downtown and drinking heavily. We had to wait to go down to Fremont Street, as it was packed full of immigrants protesting and waving flags and signs and stuff. They finally started their march around 7pm. We gambled and drank and walked around just having a grand old time making fun of people and laughing at the robot mime and the statue mime. We hit some really seedy-looking casino just off the Fremont Street area, and it was at that point that yours truly was getting a little too drunk to stay out. Before I crashed, I'd fallen off a stool in front of a slot machine, and the missus had to whisk me up to the room. I didn't remember some things the next morning.

Tuesday morning was spent in the hotel room recovering. I felt pretty crappy, so watching the Pirates beat the crap out of the Cubs on TV was a nice way to spend my recovery time. The missus brought me a sandwich from Subway that morning, and between that and some Gatorade, I was starting to feel better by around 1. Rick & Brandi were feeling it, too, but they weren't as bad off as I was.
We finally gathered the foursome back together and went back down to Fremont Street in search of some lunch. Along the way, I decided to stop off at the O2 Bar that we'd seen on the street the other night. Seemed kinda gimmicky, but I figured the oxygen could only help my hangover. I was right! Man, did I feel great afterward.

Tuesday afternoon and evening was spent visiting the rest of the casinos along Fremont Street, and then we went to the Triple 7 Restaurant & Brewery at the Main Street Station Hotel & Casino. I sampled one of their lighter beers that I don't recall the name of, and drank a pint of their Black Chip Porter with my steak dinner. Good beer, the porter. The steak was just a little better than average. I tried some of the wife's fettuccini alfredo, and we both agreed it seemed to be missing garlic. The service was pretty slow, but the place seemed packed, and the beer was good (except the one IPA - I think - that Rick tried. It tasted like it'd been hopped with pine needles or something. Weird).

Wednesday morning, we packed up, checked out, dropped off the rental car, and hopped the plane home. We were late getting onto the plane because we spent too much time in line getting way-overpriced Burger King food at the airport, so I had to put my carry-on bag in the overhead bin on the opposite side of the plane and one row back from my seat. It wasn't until I'd settled into my window seat that I realized my PSP and book were still in the bag. It seemed to much of a hassle to make the elderly couple sharing my row get back up so I could get it, so I resigned myself to flipping through the airplane magazine and taking a nap.

I regretted my position and unwillingness to get my carry-on down once again when I woke up just in time to see Crater Lake out the window of the plane. Cool. There's still a lot of snow around there. I want to go check it out in person this summer. The rest of the flight was spent trying to be polite to the old people next to me trying to figure out just where we were. The landing was kind of rough, and for that matter, so were some other parts of the flight. I had to wonder if our pilot was any good or if the crosswinds were just that bad. The takeoff and landing seemed a little shaky.

Anyway, we're already plotting a return to Vegas, but I think we'll spend more time checking out the whole Strip, since I still really haven't seen much of it up-close north of the Bellagio.

And now, our Vegas Stripper Card Scavenger Hunt game guide:

Vegas Stripper Card Scavenger Hunt

How to Play/Rules:

  • Group chooses one person as the game host/timekeeper. Scoring disputes will be settled by the host.

  • Host/timekeeper sets game duration and meeting place, and records the team’s phone numbers (see ‘Scoring’, section 3, item ‘a’).

  • Can take no more than 5 cards from a kiosk/stand – the point is to get them from the ‘workers’ on the street

  • No cutting ads out of a paper/brochure/etc., unless it’s handed to you by one of the ‘workers’

  • No selling/trading your cards to other players in the group

  • Person with the most points wins!


  1. 5 points

    1. Each card with a name that starts with the same letter as yours

    2. Each set of 5 cards with different names starting with the same letter

    3. Each card that plays up an ethnic angle (e.g., Asian School Girls, etc.)

  2. 10 points

    1. Each set of 5 cards with stripper names starting with consecutive letters

      1. Bonus: 5 more points if they’re all from the same club/company/etc.

    2. Each card with a stripper name the same as a jewel (e.g., Diamond, Jade, Sapphire, etc.)

    3. Each card with a stripper name the same as a spice (e.g., Cinnamon, etc.)

    4. Each card with a name of a female in your group

      1. Bonus: 5 more points if it’s your name or your S.O.’s name

    5. Each set of 5 cards with all hair colors (Blonde, Brunette, Redhead, Black, and one dyed any non-natural color)

      1. Bonus: 5 more points if they’re all from same club/company/etc.

    6. Each card with 2 girls on it

      1. Bonus: 5 more points if they’re touching, licking, kissing, etc.

    7. Each card where the stripper’s ‘naughty bits’ are covered by cleverly-placed text/numbers or a symbol

    8. Each card where the stripper has something in her teeth

  3. 15 points

    1. Each card with the same last 4 in the phone number as your home/cell/work phone (game host to record this before starting – no cheating!)

    2. Each card with a stripper name the same as a car (e.g., Mercedes, Lexus, etc.), a flower (Lily, etc.), or a city (Savannah, etc.)

    3. Each set of any number of cards with the same name spelled differently (e.g., Candy/Candie/Kandi/Kandee)

      1. Bonus: 5 more points if they’re all from the same club/company/etc.

    4. Each card where the stripper is holding her own boobs and/or covering her ‘naughty bits’

    5. Each card with misspelled words

  4. Extra 5 points

    1. Card with worst make-up

    2. Card with most exposed stripper

    3. Card with worst ‘dressed’ stripper

    4. Person with most cards (not counting any duplicates)


brando said...

Holy Smokes. My head is spinning after reading that.

I have a question. If a card is used in one set, can it also be used in another set?

For example. If you find a single card that says "Jade" and your wife's name is Jade, do you get both points? Probably not.

What if the card said Jade the Latin Babe, your wife's name is Jade, and you have a girl named Jade in your group, it has your cell number, she's hugging Lexus while holding her boobs, there's a misspelled word, and she has a whip in her teeth.

That'd be like a gazzillion points. And also pretty hot.

That's a pretty good game, you should copyright that.

Ghost Dog said...

Yeah, it's a lot.

I think if you have cards that score in multiple categories, then you get all the points. So in your first example, you would get both points. It'd take a week to figure out your second example.

I should also have stated that the group should come up with the prize. We were thinking the winner doesn't have to buy drinks the rest of the night, or the next day or whatever.

punkindunkin said...

Who was the winner?

And they have calling cards for strippers? Huh. Ya' learn somethin' new every day.

Ghost Dog said...

Yep, they have cards. I should scan one and post it, so y'all can see what I mean.

Nobody won, it was more of a developmental/research exercise.