07 May 2006

No Skiing, But Softball And An Arsenal Victory Will Do Fine

We had way too much yard work to do Saturday for me to just blow it all off and go skiing. Hopefully, Mt. Hood Meadows will stay open for next weekend or maybe all the way to Memorial Day.

However, the weekend wasn't a total loss on the sporting front. I played in my first softball game in 11 years, and the ankle held up fine. A little ice after I got home, and it's all good.
I played pretty well, all things considered. The wind was blowing pretty fiercely from left field, so I played pretty far off the left field line out there. Only 2 balls were hit my way in the 3 innings I played LF - one grounder that I fielded cleanly, and a liner that I couldn't get to on-the-fly because I was playing too far off the line. I played catcher the last 2 innings, which were fairly uneventful.
At the plate, I had a pretty good day. I figured the wind would mess with the pitches a bit, so I was thinking I'd take the first pitch at least. But for both of my first 2 at-bats, I got a first pitch that looked good, so I swung at it. The first one was a grounder to short that I beat out, and the second was a liner to shallow left-center. My third at-bat was another liner to shallow left-center, but that time, I took the first pitch. It would figure that the ball I hit hardest (my 4th at-bat) went for an out - a deeper fly ball to center.

My stat line was 3-for-4, 2 RBI, 3 runs scored. Our team won, 18-2.

And to top off the weekend, I watched Arsenal's final game at Highbury. Thierry Henry and the rest of the Gunners sent the place out in style, with Henry getting the hat-trick and Arsenal getting the win 4-2 over Wigan Athletic. The win, combined with the Tottenham loss, put Arsenal in the Champions League for next season, regardless of their results in the CL final in Paris on the 17th.


Tanya Kristine said...

sports, sports, sports!!!

what did you wear today? do you have any makeup tips?

Ghost Dog said...

Well, since I don't have any Arsenal gear, I just wore a t-shirt that's kind of close to the same color as their home jerseys.

As for makeup tips...I hear using plum tones in your eyeshadow will bring out green eyes.

brando said...

A guy in my plt was from just north of Edinburgh and he liked to talk about the footy. I think he said that he liked “Heart of Midlothian”. So I asked him what other teams there were, and he said Arsenal, but he informed me that nobody likes them. I knew absolutely nothing about soccer, so I thought that Arsenal were the hated team, sort of like the Raiders, or Steelers. (Although everyone loves the Steelers now). Anyway, I’d say “Go Arsenal” whenever I saw him, because I’m an idiot.

Here’s where it gets really good. When we got back, I saw an Arsenal shirt at a store, so I bought it just so he’d see me wearing it around. This is the shirt I bought. Real nice, huh?
Here’s a sampling of things he said:

“Their colors aren’t green and yellow. They’re red and white.”

“Where’d you even buy that thing?”

“The fact that it says soccer team should have been your first clue. It’s called a football club.”

“I hope you didn’t pay money for that.”

If someone else had the shirt it might be a funny to wear, as though your making fun of the manufacturer. I, however, actually bought it in error. I’m so ashamed.

Ghost Dog said...

Heh, sounds like one of those Old Navy shirts that isn't for any real teams/bars/etc., like the "Steel City Extra Stout" shirt that the wife bought me. I have a "Pittsford Pirhanas" shirt and a "Pawtucket Southpaws" shirt as well, courtesy of the missus getting the 2-for-$12 deal on graphic tees at Old Navy. I like the Pirhana one because the logo is this really angry-looking fish with ridiculously pointy teeth and a bib, knife, and fork.

Lynda said...

Ah, I saw the highlights of the Arsenal match on the news. I was happy Thierry Henry got the hat trick and when he dropped to his knees to kiss the pitch--the man is a pure class act all around. Even though I'm supporting Barca on the 17th I'm glad Arsenal will be back in the Champions League next year.

Highbury's got to be one of the best stadiums ever. It kills me that it's gone before I got to see a match there...

Ghost Dog said...

I know! I was just getting to like the place, as much as one can from just watching matches on TV. I loved how they did the Highbury logo in the grass, looked really cool.

Tanya Kristine said...

you are right!

how smart is that...?

off to read your new blog.