14 May 2006

Mother's Day At Mt. Hood Meadows

Shot this from the side of the road coming down from Meadows. I love panoramas!

Today pretty much rocked. Got up around 7 and bugged out for Mt. Hood to ski for the day. Dragged the camera up with me and just started snapping all over the place. At right is yours truly on the Cascade Express chair. Lots of terrain, sun, and no lift lines. Only way this could possibly have been better is if I wasn't skiing alone. Could have been better if I was in better shape, too, I suppose. I did at least chat with one of the patrollers I'd met my first shadow day, as well as one of the patrollers who is helping the OEC instructors, so at least it wasn't a day without any familiar faces.

It was VERY warm up there, and I had to go back to the vehicle to discard a layer after just a couple runs. By 11 or so, there were people in short sleeves, and by noon, you started to see some folks riding or skiing in shorts. No bikini tops, that I saw anyway, but it wouldn't have surprised me to see some. Only saw one guy without a shirt.

Check out one of the snow cats with the attachment they use to make the half-pipes. Nifty bit of machinery, that.

Speaking of half-pipes, here's the one off the Cascade Express. I dropped into this a few times today. No huge air or awesome tricks, but I did manage to get through it every time without crashing. In my shape, and skiing with a camera strapped to me, I'll take it. There were some killer jumps built on the other side of the chair, and I watched some guys get some really huge air. Didn't get any good pictures of 'em, though.

Just a shot of the mountain from the parking lot. Gorgeous day!
I called my mom from the slopes, and sounds like she didn't get to go for a motorcycle ride (thundershowers - she's in VA), but at least she enjoyed the flowers I sent. Tried to call my hard-to-get-ahold-of brother in VT so I could rub it in that I was skiing in mid-May, but could only leave messages. So I did. Twice. Hehehe.


Tanya Kristine said...

whoa dude-y. check out that half pipe! THAT looks fun!

Ghost Dog said...

I wish I had more aerial skill on skis, but it's still fun to go through those. I used to be able to do 360s on skis, but that was half my lifetime ago. I've much too strong a self-preservation instinct nowadays.

punkindunkin said...

Great photos; I love the panorama and the self portrait!

I wish I knew how to stay upright on my skis.

Ghost Dog said...

Thanks, PD. In retrospect, I should have zoomed out a little on the self-portrait. I would have liked to have had the lift chair sort of framing the shot. Oh well.