15 May 2006

More Photos From Mt. Hood

Just had to post some more shots from Sunday's jaunt up to Mt. Hood Meadows. I'm sure you all love panoramas as much as I do. Right? Anyway, here's one I shot from on the hill.

Check it out...I can see my car from here. Well, I could if I had a telescope.

Mt Jefferson, from near the top of the Cascade Express lift.

Party on the Fiesta Deck...or whatever they call it. There was a live band, I think called the Accolades. I only caught a couple tunes. At least one or two were Zeppelin covers. They didn't suck.

Looking up at the summit of Mt. Hood from the chairlift. Blue skies...nothin' but blue skies...


Tanya Kristine said...

okay that's enough, jealous maker.

Ghost Dog said...

Sorry...would have put them all in one post, but Blooger wouldn't let me. And I was too lazy to upload them somewhere else and do it via HTML code. :)