09 May 2006

Moon And Sixpence - Finally!

Well, we finally got around to checking out the Moon & Sixpence with our great pals Ryan & Kelly. Normally, we don't go out on Monday nights, but they have cool live Irish-type music at the pub, and we never pass up the chance to go somewhere cool with R&K.

If you've never been to the Moon & Sixpence, and you like English-style pubs, then GO. Often. Great food, more awesome beers than you can shake a stick at, and the atmosphere is that very cool kind of dimly-lit-dark-wood-and-old-timey-photos type of vibe that you get at the Horse Brass, but better even. I had the Cottage Pie, which was excellent, but it was so hot that it took me forever to eat it. Still, tasty stuff.

We had a great time chatting with Ryan & Kelly, as well as with Miranda & Brian, whom we've met several times thru R&K, and Brian's friend Amanda, whom I believe he met hiking the Pacific Crest Trail.
Ryan & Kelly got to show off their cool new Canon cameras with their fairly large LCD back panels, which I'm sure they'll put to good use on their trip to the UK. I'm super-jealous of them this time, as the wife and I have become fans of English Premier League soccer and I would love to snap some photos in front of Arsenal Stadium in Highbury before they knock the place down.


Tanya Kristine said...

i LOVE english pubs. we have a cool one here too...dark wood, lots of beer, old pictures on the wall, a musty smell...

i'm thirsty

Ghost Dog said...

Mmm...just thinking about it makes me want a Guinness or a Newcastle.

Ryan said...

Glad you guys could make it. Like the infamous Goose, the Moon has become a popular spot for me and my missus. We'll all go again, perhaps next time it won't be a 'school night' (though I do enjoy the Irish folk music on Mondays).