19 May 2006

I'm Tired

Not the good kind of I've-been-working-out-and-very-busy-in-a-productive-way tired, either. Just not getting enough sleep this week. I'm sure the recent heat has something to do with it, but I'm also just not going to bed early enough. Unfortunately, only one of the dogs has figured out that it's cooler to sleep on the floor than with us on the bed. That'd be Phoebe, the evil genius of the two. Piper hasn't caught on to the cooler-on-the-floor concept yet, or she's more of a Velcro-dog than I realized. In any case, I hope she starts sleeping on the floor when it starts to really get hot this summer.

I need to start watching less TV and doing more things. But I can't help myself sometimes. With all the sports stuff and keeping up with enough of the 'water-cooler' shows to not be completely clueless with my co-workers, plus the stuff I like to watch for myself, there's what would be several hours of TV a day. Thankfully, TiVo helps. I can skip past all the commercials for all the regular shows (Lost, 24, The Unit, Scrubs, etc.). When Pittsburgh Sports Tonight has more hockey and college sports than Steelers or Pirates news, I can zip through the parts I don't care about. And I usually skip NFL Total Access if there's no Steelers news, which you can usually find out in the first 30 seconds when they do the show's preview bit.
And now that the Premiership season is over, I'm not watching 90+ minutes of soccer (or more, if there are other matches besides Arsenal's that I'm interested in - like watching Tottenham lose). But the soccer reprieve is short-lived - the World Cup is coming. The killer there is that most of the Arsenal players I like to watch are playing for different national teams, so besides watching the USA games, I want to check out England, France, Germany, Sweden, and Spain - at least. Sheesh. Soccer overload.

And, since late March - and going into the end of June - I squeeze in some time after TV-watching to study for my OEC class for the Ski Patrol. Thankfully, I can get most of the reading done on the MAX, and sometimes even get some of the workbook stuff done there, too. My handwriting suffers from the jostling of the train, but the instructors are really only checking to make sure we're doing the work, not necessarily reading every single word. The class is going well for me, which is nice. I got a 90 on the "mid-term", which they told us was actually last year's final. Not bad considering there were, I think, 6 chapters we hadn't covered yet. Just need to keep practicing the patient assessment stuff.

I was thinking about going up to Timberline on Sunday to spend some more time shadowing and learning from the patrollers, but the only thing on my mind today is just to go home and get some sleep.
Then figure out what stuff to stop watching on TV and what kind of workout schedule I can put myself on without running myself ragged just to get from place to place, and still be able to put in quality time with the wife and the dogs. I suppose if we were runners, we'd run with the dogs together, but I'd rather bike or rollerblade (much easier on the ankle - even if the doc says 'no restrictions'). The only running I enjoy doing is sprinting around the softball or football field anyway. I think you could get me to run long distances if you were throwing footballs or softballs to me every 50 yards or so.

What is it with me and running & catching stuff? Any sports psychologists out there care to take a shot at that one?


Tanya Kristine said...


i used to watch a ton of tv too. it's kinda like therapy. or alcohol. its' just a great way to tune out. but i realized it's not good so i leave the tv on and do chores so i'm more productive.

i hate the thought of life passing me by while i'm on the couch.

but shit i do love tv

Ghost Dog said...

I'm too easily sidetracked to have the TV on doing chores. Especially if there's something on that catches my eye.

RebeccaK said...

I think you were a dog in a past life. Maybe a Great Dane. That would explaing the whole running and catching things. ;)

Ghost Dog said...

That might explain my short attention spa- ooh, shiny!