30 May 2006

Holy Effin Crap (World Cup Soccer Edition)

Found this on the World Cup Blog. You just have to see it. The Colombian goalkeeper scored against Poland in their recent "friendly", with a one-hop goal kick from his end of the pitch. The ball just snuck under the crossbar to find the back of the net. Unreal.


Lynda said...

Wasn't that crazy?! And the keeper's goal celebration at the end just topped it off!

There was a flamboyant Colombian keeper in the mid-90s named Rene Higuita who used to try to score goals, but was also known for his insane scorpion kick. I first saw it on some show about soccer on one of the history channels a couple years back, but I went googling and found a video of it here.

Ghost Dog said...

Wow. That Scorpion Kick thing is incredible. Probably drove his coaches nuts, though.