25 May 2006

Holy Effin Crap (LOST Season Finale)

Where do I even start with this one? Man, what a show. Spoilers here, so if you didn't see it, just stop reading.

The sailboat turns out to be Desmond's (or, more accurately, Libby's dead husband's - again, Holy Effin Crap), and we get quite a backstory on him. In the process, we learn a ton more about the Button...and even more aobut it later when Locke smashes the computer terminal (yet again, Holy Effin Crap).

Michael ends up getting Walt and getting away from the island, but I'd be willing to bet he has a conscience attack and comes back. In the meantime, what do the Others have in store for Kate, Jack, and Sawyer? How do they know Sawyer's real name?

Then there's that humongous pile of logbooks in those tubes! Seems to me someone was supposed to be collecting them, but who? The Dharma people? Where did they all go, anyway? Did they strand that Calvin guy because they got fed up with pushing the button, and is that why he tried to strand Desmond? And what of the sheer volume of those logbooks? How long did it take for the pile to get that big?

And what about Penelope? I guess with enough money and time you can find anyone, but how does she know to have those dudes looking for an "electromagnetic anomaly"? Speaking of electromagnetic anomalies, why/how did the hatch door get airborne anyway?

There's so much more that I can't even think. I'm going to watch it again. At least we know where that map on the inside of the blast door came from. Clever.


carla said...

There is no way to watch Lost without Ti-Vo. I'm just sayin.

The pile of logbooks from the tubes looks to me to be part of the charade that Locke seems to be warming too...and that he talked with Desmond about. The Pearl hatch appears to be set up as the fake tho...and as Desmond alluded, maybe Locke has the conspiracy backward. Perhaps the hatch where they've pushed the button is the one that serves the big purpose..while the Pearl is merely a part of some larger experiment.

The thing that really intrigues me is The Others. Who are they and where did they come from? How do they know so much about Jack, Sawyer and Kate? And why them? Also, I'd really love to see Sayeed and Jin get the jump on The Others and give the castaways an upper hand for a few episodes. Sometimes it gets tedious having them always outflanked by the "bad guys".

I'm also looking forward to seeing what happened to Walt during his time with The Others. Hopefully they'll go into that at length next season.

I'm totally addicted to this friggin show. LOL

Jen O. said...

Let me preface what I'm about to say by declaring my undying love for Lost. However, I thought the whole Desmond backstory, with Penny, was so overly wrought. Sappy. Hallmark-y. Overacted.

I love that Brother Justin from Carnivale played a semi-bad guy again, as the other guy in the hatch with Desmond, who Desmond accidentally killed. Forget his name. (He appeared earlier in the season in a Sayid flashback.) I did think it was strange, though, to see that Locke discovered the hatch at almost the same time that Brother Justin died/Desmond was left alone in the hatch. I was thinking that Desmond had been alone in the hatch for at least a year at that point.

Man, that was a horrible wig on Libby in the Libby/Desmond flashback.

Ghost Dog said...

I didn't remember Calvin (or whatever his name was - the Brother Justin guy) from an earlier Sayid flashback. Was he one of the military guys from when he got caught?

I was too into the story to notice the over-wroughtedness of the Desmond/Penny backstory. Agree on Libby's wig, but I wonder if that wasn't intentional, to make us think that she's in disguise and there's more to her than we thought. However, why do that if she's dead in the current timeline?

Back on the logbooks, I was kind of hoping they'd learn something from those. Maybe that's for next season. It'll probably take them a while to get back to that, unless Hurley gets real curious.

Ghost Dog said...

Another thing we came up with 'around the water cooler' today was about Michael and Walt - why (assuming the Others aren't messing with them yet again) can they just motor off on a specific compass heading (assuming the compasses actually work, what with all the goofy electromagnetic crap going on) and be "free"? Is it because Michael proved his love for Walt by going to extreme lengths to get him back? So, then, does that mean that Kate, Jack, and Sawyer are being given the opportunity to exorcise their demons in a similar manner, at the expense of the rest of the 'survivors'?

And if the plane only crashed as a result of Desmond not pushing the button that one time, then what's the deal with the Others? Were they doing something else, then when the plane crashed they decided 'let's go mess with the survivors'? Or was it in their plan that Desmond would cause a crash?

Major Clanger said...

Just seen it - just as I was getting bored with this show they pull this one! That dynamite makes me very nervous. Woah. For a while I wasn't sure if it really was Libby.

And what about the Russians? That episode was the dogs bollocks.

MegWhite said...

Portuguese. Those guys at he end were speaking Portuguese.

Ghost Dog said...

Aha! Of course! Which of course leads us to...erm...uh...what, then? Or is there really nothing to make of that...?