05 May 2006

F Around Friday - Whining Edition

No, I haven't gotten around to uploading some cool Vegas pictures, nor have I drafted the Vegas post that I promised. But I will. I wish I'd taken the rest of the week off. Hopefully, I'll appreciate having the extra 2 vacation days saved up later this year.

This Outdoor Emergency Care class thing is getting painful at times. Kneeling on the hard floors doing patient assessments is starting to get to my knees a bit. Also, the way I'm used to squatting puts more strain on my repaired-but-still-not-100% ankle than I'm used to. It's sore, but at least the pain is away from the injury site, which means I'm just overusing it a bit and not aggravating the injury.
This week, we got to add lifting and dragging patients to our repertoire, as well as backboarding them. So, that means rug burns from trying to jam your hands underneath the 'patients' and possibly straining muscles if you don't get the technique right. I really need to get into better shape. Knee pads might be a good idea, too.

Happily, I'm doing okay academically in the class. I'm only missing one or two out of 20 or 30 questions on the weekly quizzes. But I made a couple stupid mistakes in assessment practice last night. Basic stuff. Week 3 kind of mistakes. I thought I was done beating myself up about it after I had a Guinness at the post-class gathering, but I guess not. The upside is that I learn pretty well from the mistakes I really hammer myself about.

Maybe I'll go skiing this weekend. That always makes me feel better.


Tanya Kristine said...

rug burns?

mm hmmm....


but yes...ski, ski, ski...makes the whole world feel better.

but then again, so does beer.

Ghost Dog said...

Yeah, rug burns. I have a nice little raspberry on the knuckles of my left hand from scuffing it on the industrial carpet of the training room.

Mm...howzabout skiing and beer. And playing with the dogs. The Trifecta! Makes all the crap worthwhile.