18 May 2006

Barcelona Defeats Arsenal

A Pretty Move has some good commentary/recap of the Champions League final yesterday, in which Arsenal were defeated 2-1 by Barcelona. Of course, I'm unhappy with the loss (see my somewhat grumpy comments over there), but given the situation the Gunners were facing (or rather, forced themselves into by having their goalkeeper sent off with a red card), I thought they performed admirably. They held a 1-0 advantage all the way to the 75th minute, 57 of which were spent on the pitch with only 10 men due to the red card on Lehmann.

There's always next season, since Arsenal finished 4th in the Premiership. They'll have to qualify (I think), but I expect they'll be back in the mix in the Champions League, hopefully in the final again.


Tanya Kristine said...

i acutally watched that game. first soccer game ever.

it's weird.

Lynda said...

I thought they performed admirably as well.

And I hope they do even better in the Prem next year; somebody's gotta knock Chelsea off the top and teach them a lesson.

Ghost Dog said...

L: Me too! Stupid Chelsea. My friend Tim and I were talking about that at lunch today. I just hope Thierry stays with the Gunners.

TK: Cool. Yeah, it's a little weird to get used to at first, but I love watching soccer now.