24 May 2006

Apparently, I Hate The Right Side Of My Body

Sunday, I didn't get to play softball as I'd hoped. I went out to the ballfield and found that the team I'm 'sort of' playing for (long story short: I'm an extra player in case the team is short on game day) didn't need me. I warmed up and hung out for a bit, then bailed. During the warmup, though, a couple balls that skipped off the dirt in front of me hit me on my right shin.
I'm not an infielder, folks. Let's just get that out there. I should have caught them, though.
As I drove home from not playing, I reflected on the slight twinge of pain from my shin and got to thinking (dangerous, I know) - why am I always injuring my right side? I'm left-handed, so it's not a matter of my right side being at greater risk to injury from overuse or more exposure. And the types of injuries I've had aren't necessarily ones that you'd associate with using the dominant hand. Let's review:
Slightly sprained right knee, can't recall what year. This was from a ski racing crash. Wasn't serious enough to do anything about, but it did hurt and it was on the right side. I was in my early teens, if I recall correctly. Sometimes, my right knee still bothers me a little bit, but hasn't been a serious issue (yet). Both of my knees have a bit of a 'catch' in them, but the right one is more pronounced.
"Skier's thumb", 1978-1989. Well, both thumbs have been jammed in skiing/ski racing falls over the 11 or so seasons I raced. But the right one seems to have gotten the worst of it, as my range-of-motion is less on that one. I'm not racing anymore, and crashing a lot less, so I haven't managed to aggravate this one, yet. *knocks on wood*
Series of right shoulder subluxations and dislocations, 1990-1996. It all started from a subluxation playing volleyball, then various other re-injuries of varying severity. The worst of those was a dumb move on my part - I was on an "alpine slide" in Germany and ripped my shoulder out of the socket trying to catch my balance coming around a corner at a pretty good clip. I've landed on it playing softball, popped it out playing basketball, rollerblade hockey, diving into a pool, lifting weights (don't ever do the military press on a bum shoulder, folks), and even pushing a tent flap aside. That last one was the last straw. I had an open Bankart reconstruction done on it in November 1996. It's been pretty stable ever since, and the only times it's felt uncomfortable is when I wasn't working out and the muscles around it got weaker.
Right ankle severe sprain/fracture, October 2003. Rolled it pretty bad playing flag football, so again, nothing to do with the dominant left side that I can tell. Regular readers of this blog already know the deal with this one. Just search the blog for 'ankle' to see all of my whining about it. At least this time, I didn't re-injure it over a 6-year span of time before doing something definitive about it. Still, it took almost 2 years before I called BS on physical therapy and had it seriously looked at (and later repaired).
Granted, I probably prefer not to deal with the inconvenience of having an injured writing/eating hand, so I use the right one to stop elevator doors from closing and so on, but that doesn't explain this apparent disdain for my right side that seems to be evidenced by the injuries above.
So what's the deal? Anybody else out there with a body-side bias, real or imagined?


The Yoga Loft said...

Yes, everyone out there except a few very unusual people. Everyone has a dominant side to their body, and a less dominant side to their body that is reflective of their brain dominance. Since you are right handed, I'm guessing your right side is dominant and thus takes the blows as it is most likely to step first into the fray. But the real concern is as we age, this dominant/recessive relationship in the body builds up long-term, bad habits that cause spinal subluxations, hip mis-alignments, pelvis tilts, etc... If you want to be truly your best in sports, do some type of body balancing activity that uses both side equally. Yoga, pilates, qigong, etc.. are all excellent. My blog site has a piece about right and left body dominance if you want to take a peek. Good luck.

Ghost Dog said...

Thanks for the response. Which post? Can you give me the link?

BTW, I'm a lefty...

Tanya Kristine said...

anything wrong with your right ball?


yes. but still funny.