09 April 2006

Such A Slacker

I'll get to that in a minute.

First, though, I finally met a fellow local blogger. Other than one I already knew, that is. Barkernews, from Tales from the Tube, is a classmate in my Outdoor Emergency Care course for the Ski Patrol. He's one of what I'm calling the lucky ones who got to start their on-hill stuff early. "Inverts" is the term used.
Pretty cool guy, despite having been in the Air Force. His blog is definitely worth a read, and it's another one that makes my work and general level of activity seem like a bit of a disappointment, kinda like Son of Clown Ops tends to do. Oh, don't worry, I'm not depressed. Probably a bit jealous, though. Hopefully, it'll inspire me to get off my ass and go do something. Like fix up my mountain bike, for one, and get the missus her own bike.

Gotta do something besides going out for drinks. Though there's something to be said for a nice bit of steak and some good beer. The missus and I made another trip to the Main Street Ale House for dinner Saturday night. Aside from the Pepper Brandy Steak - my favorite, and usual - I highly recommend the Prime Rib. Simply excellent. We tried a bunch of different beers on a $5-for-6-sample tray, and if I'd bothered to scribble down any notes, I'd give you some sort of report that might be useful. As it is, here's what I recall:

  • They're still pouring their Poor Richard's Ale. If you like dark ales with a noticeable malty-ness and a hint of molasses, go try this stuff. For the history/beer buff.

  • The 80 Schilling still rules. Great scotch ale.

  • They're brewing something I think was called Red Rocket Lager. It's pretty good. Similar in color to an amber ale, but tastes like a malty lager. I think the menu said it has 6 different malt varieties.

  • There was a pale ale and an IPA, both of which were good ales, but I'm not much on the really hoppy stuff. Strong hop character in both.

  • Then there was this belgian thing that had a very strong cherry aroma and flavor. I thought it was okay, and the wife absolutely loved it. So much so, that she bought a growler to take home.

After the Ale House, we wandered through historic downtown Gresham to the Elbo Room, a (smoke-free!) martini bar. I'd never been there, or to any such establishment, but it was kind of what I'd expected - a small, hip, sort of exclusive-feeling place with a kind of dark velour look to it and weird-looking lights and artwork. Some of the artwork wasn't weird, though - just paintings of various kinds of martinis. How clever. I took the classic James Bond approach and had a vodka martini, shaken, not stirred. I've forgotten what the wife had, but it was kind of sweet and fruity. We finished the night out with a slice of chocolate cake and the missus having a drink called a Naughty Girl Scout. Tasted like melted mint-chocolate-chip ice cream with alcohol in it. Not bad.

Now, on to the slacking bit.

I'd planned on making a solo trip to either Ski Bowl or Meadows today. I wasn't hung over or anything, but I just felt like sleeping in. This is pretty unusual for me when skiing's involved. Normally, I'd get up on time and rush out to hit the slopes. I hadn't slept well, however, and haven't been getting much sleep the last week. We got a late start (a warm house, comfy bed and snoring pups can do that to you), but did manage to watch Arsenal lose 2-0 to Manchester United, and do some much-needed cleaning of the wood floor in the living room. Got a little laundry done, too, and went out to try and find a bookcase so we have matching ones on either side of our gas stove. No luck there, however.

Bored yet?

Well, I'm done boring you anyway. Time to finish reading the first of three chapters due this week for OEC - The Well-Being of the Rescuer. I've figured out the BP thing, and I'm getting pretty good at the rapid body assessments. This past week, we added some bandaging and splinting to the hands-on work. With my history of shoulder injuries, it should come as a surprise to no one that putting someone's arm in a sling was the only task for which I didn't need any instruction. Can't wait to get to the part where we splint a sprained ankle...