02 April 2006

Spring Ahead - Not An April Fool's Joke

For a while today, I thought it was a joke. Setting ahead 6 clocks (and 2 watches) in the house isn't necessarily my idea of fun.

We usually do this Daylight Savings crap later in April, don't we?

You can sync your PC clock with the NIST Time Server, if you want. Go here.

In between EPL matches (Arsenal dominated, beating Aston Villa 5-nil), I watched Saturday's edition of Pittsburgh Sports Tonight. Clever April Fool's joke, running a fake story about Roger Clemens signing with the Pirates. They got me though, I have to admit. I wasn't sure I'd heard Trenni correctly, so I re-wound it and watched the announcement again. I was shocked for the few seconds before she let the cat out of the bag. Sneaky.