11 April 2006

Mysteries Of Our Universe

Why the hell do I stir 'pre-stirred' yogurt?


brando said...

It's just a way to see if there are any objects in there.

Sort of the same reason we chew jello or ice cream.

tabitha jane said...

for the same reason that i sometimes blow on a bite of cereal before i eat it (as if it were hot!)

Ghost Dog said...

Wow, okay TJ...that's weird. :)

Barkernews said...

That's OK.
I shake my milk... to break up the curdles.
BTW - thanks for the props on your blog.
See you at OEC!!!
Be careful with your acromioclavicular joint!!!

Ghost Dog said...

Er...but the point is the packaging tells me I don't need to (they did it for me - how thoughtful), but I do it anyway...

Barkernews: I will. You make sure you keep those anterior cruciate ligaments healthy, and avoid those spiral tibia fractures.
PS - did you chuckle at FOOSH? I did. See you at OEC!