27 April 2006

Going Back To Vegas

Yep, we're going back down to Vegas next week. Time to go collect on that Super Bowl bet I made late last June, visit the ESPN Zone again, and hopefully come back with a little extra cash.

We're going to stay in the older downtown area, instead of on the strip, and with a healthy ankle, I expect we'll do a lot more wandering around. Hopefully, that will make for some interesting photo-ops. We'll still hit the strip, though, as I have to go to the MGM to get my winnings.

And we'll get to play our yet-to-be-fully-invented stripper-card-scavenger-hunt game.


brando said...

So what are the partial rules of the stripper-card-scavenger-hunt game?

Get a name that starts with every letter of the alphabet?

Every hair color?
Every skin color?

Ghost Dog said...

Yeah, stuff like that. Also bonus points to anyone who gets multiple different spellings of the same name, weirdest name, most exposed, least exposed, most misspellings, anyone who gets one with a phone number where the last 4 matches thier home or cell, etc. I'm still working on it.

I'm taking suggestions, if anyone out there is feeling creative.

brando said...

How about names that are a spice (5 pts), jewel(5 pts), or car(15 pts)?

Ghost Dog said...

Nice! That's good stuff. Even more points if it is a car other than "Lexus".